Tobacco Tracker™

Protects both single packs and cartons of cigarettes from robbery and pilfering

See how Tobacco Tracker protects Convenience Stores.

As the price of cigarettes continues to rise, so will thefts and the cost associated with them. Annual losses of tobacco are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Traditional security measures, such as inventory control or CCTV, are not sufficient to stop these thieves. Our Tobacco Tracker is covertly packaged to be easily hidden with your other tobacco products, so thieves won’t suspect that they are actually taking a tracking device. Our GPS tracking devices have a 70%+ apprehension and asset recovery rate.

If a Theft Occurs…

Tobacco Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert upon motion. The GPS Tracking information is automatically accessed by local law enforcement allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

  • Multiple packaging options
  • Triggers automatically with motion
  • Fully automatic and silent
  • Location updates every 6 seconds
  • Daily battery self-checks with cellular connection
  • Bi-monthly health report with cellular connection
  • Secure website for live tracking by 3SI and Law Enforcement
  • Uses smart technology to store data if cell connection is lost
  • RF to pinpoint final device location
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Do It Yourself friendly for install and charging
  • Quick and accurate location data
  • Multiple location technologies provide superior tracking accuracy
  • No cost law enforcement training and support
  • Recovers lost tracking data if cell signal drops
  • Reliable performance in Urban Canyon areas
  • Collects data about product handling to help with staff training