Let’s Break the
Crime Cycle.

Creating a safer world by protecting and recovering high-value assets and apprehending criminals with innovative solutions that leverage the latest technologies while still meeting compliance standards.

Creating a Safer World

With 3SI’s technology, you can put a stop to ongoing and future criminal activity. We provide action and intelligence to apprehend suspects through our robust partnerships with law enforcement agencies. In addition to stopping crime, our solutions help recover stolen valuables and provide peace of mind to you, your staff and your customers.

Discover how 3SI has helped arrest over 14,500 criminals and recover over $119M in cash and valuables.

Assets Recovered
ATM Asset Protection Solutions


With over 48 years’ of experience, our satisfied customers include over 250,000 Financial Institutions, Retail Locations, ATM Owners and Deployers, and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.

Phone Asset Protection Solutions


Our innovative solutions combat crime and protect cash and other valuables using a variety of technologies including innovative GPS Tracking systems and Dye and Ink Staining components.

Phone Asset Protection Solutions

3SI is the world leader in asset protection systems.

Our solutions create a safer world by protecting and recovering stolen cash and high-value assets and apprehending criminals.

Criminals Apprehended

Law Enforcement Agency Partners

Trackers Deployed

FBINAA New Member Expo

  Apr 23, 2020
   FBI Academy | Quantico, VA

The Crime Crackdown: Retailers Wage Tech War Against ORC

I recently partnered with the Loss Prevention Foundation for a day of learning at the University of Cincinnati (UC). The Foundation invited 3SI and other Loss Prevention solution providers out to speak with both LP professionals and students interested in Loss...

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