Security Where Criminals Least Expect It

Creating a safer world by protecting and recovering high-value assets and apprehending criminals with innovative solutions that leverage the latest technologies while still meeting compliance standards.

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Why have we succeeded for so long?

Because we offer innovative solutions supported by a first class service organization which pledges customer satisfaction through products that perform.

With over 45 years experience and protecting more than 250,000 locations worldwide, our innovative solutions combat crime through a variety of technologies including GPS Tracking and Tracing. We have served thousands of institutions and organizations in the Financial, Retail, Courier/Cash in Transit and Law Enforcement markets.

Assets Recovered


With over 45 years’ of experience, our satisfied customers include over 250,000  Financial Institutions, Retail Locations, ATM Owners and Deployers, and Law Enforcement Agencies worldwide.


Our innovative solutions combat crime and protect cash and other valuables using a variety of technologies including innovative GPS Tracking systems and Dye and Ink Staining components.

3SI is the world leader in asset protection systems.

Our solutions create a safer world by protecting and recovering stolen cash and high-value assets and apprehending criminals.

Criminals Apprehended

Law Enforcement Agency Partners

Trackers Deployed

Over 90 Criminals Caught and $942K+ Recovered! December Success Stories

PDF Full Recovery - 1 arrest Tobacco Tracker™ - Winnipeg, MB - December 1 A lone suspect robbed a convenience store for cigarettes. Tobacco Tracker automatically alerted police who tracked and apprehended the suspect. All of the merchandise was recovered and returned...

Transport Tracker Offers Protection for Cargo and Logistics Companies

PDF GPS Technology gives shippers the power to locate cargo and secure high-value shipments in transit    From high-end electronics to food and beverages, opportunistic cargo thieves continue to seek out commodities that can be easily fenced or resold on the black...

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