ORC Tracker™

Stop Organized Retail Crime in its Tracks

Win the Battle Against ORC…

Organized Retail Crime is wreaking havoc on retail sales, with nearly 97% of retailers having been victimized by ORC Gangs in the past 12 months. To fight back, many retailers are harnessing the power of technology to protect inventory and strengthen relationships with law enforcement. Enter ORC Tracker™, an innovative GPS Tracking device designed specifically to help retailers defend against ORC.

Protecting high-value assets is effortless… 

Designed to covertly hide with high-demand goods, ORC Tracker can be used in conjunction with existing deterrent tags. The device automatically detects and confirms the crime, extending protection beyond the store in robbery and burglary situations. 3SI solutions enable law enforcement to locate criminals and recover assets long after the suspect has fled the scene. And by getting potentially violent criminals out of the store, retailers protect staff and customers from possible incidents.

If a theft occurs… 

ORC Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert when the crime is confirmed. No staff intervention is required. The tracking information is accessed by local law enforcement allowing safe pursuit and apprehension. Only 3SI devices are directly linked with over 9,000 agencies…giving police a tactical advantage to safely and quickly respond, pursue, and apprehend the criminals.

Key features and benefits…

  • Automatically triggers
  • Proprietary feature set further validates a crime in progress 
  • Precise location technologies via 3SI’s 4XG platform with GNSS, RF, LTE and WiFi
  • All data stored for evidentiary purposes
  • Secure website for live tracking
  • Stores location data if cellular signal is lost during track
  • Secure website for live tracking