CTB Tracker™

Protect cell tower batteries within an enclosure, rack, room or shelter 

The theft of cell tower batteries from base stations has become a growing trend in larceny. Their remote locations and lack of adequate security and supervision make them a prime target for both experienced and novice criminals.

CTB Tracker™, utilizes proven GNSS/GPS tracking technology to help law enforcement locate and recover stolen batteries. When a cell tower battery is stolen, CTB  automatically and silently notifies the customer that the battery has been disturbed. The tracking data is accessed by the customer and after a crime is confirmed, 3SI’s Tracking support center interfaces with police to support pursuit, apprehension and recovery.

With CTB telecom companies can protect themselves against the growing levels of battery theft and reduce the capital expenditure costs associated with replacements.



It’s covertly designed

CTB is preinstalled and virtually undetectable, making it the perfect solution to combat internal and external theft.

Features and benefits…

  • Triggers automatically when removed from enclosure, rack room or shelter
  • Covert design
  • Interval reporting every 12 hours for device health check
  • GNSS/GPS, Cellular and WiFi tracking options provide precise location reporting
  • Stores data if cellular signal is lost to preserve track data 
  • Text and email notifications of activations and status
  • Automatic activation when battery is deployed
  • Self-charging battery