Cash Tracker™

Protects cash from robbery and theft in both financial institutions and retail locations

Every day, the news has more stories of robberies at banks, credit unions and all types of retail establishments. Traditional measures such as CCTV or alarms just aren’t enough to stop the crimes anymore.

Cash Tracker utilizes proven GNSS/GPS tracking technology to provide extremely reliable and detailed tracking information. When a crime occurs, law enforcement is automatically notified…then Cash Tracker silently tracks the criminals so officers can lock in on the target and move in for the arrest.

With Cash Tracker, financial and retail organizations protect cash anywhere it is vulnerable.

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Discover how Cash Tracker can improve security for Banks, Credit UnionsJewelersConvenience StoresRestaurantsPhone StoresPharmacies and Pawn Stores.

If a Theft Occurs…

Cash Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert upon motion. The tracking information is accessed by local law enforcement allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

  • Reliable performance ensured via bi-monthly device health check with cellular connection
  • Secure website for live tracking ensures integrity of client information
  • Text and email notifications
  • Stores data if cellular signal is lost to preserve track data
  • RF to pinpoint final device location
  • Triggers automatically when removed from cash drawer (financial) or with motion (retail)
  • Blends with other cash – uses real cash for authentic appearance
  • As thin as a No. 2 pencil
  • Flexible and bends in half
  • Location updates every 6 seconds to allow precise tracking
  • GNSS/GPS, Cellular and WiFi tracking options provide precise location reporting


Optional base plate available depending on installation requirements                • Color choices are beige, black and grey

Note: The 4XG Cash Tracker utilizes GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and WiFi technology. It is currently offered in the U.S. and Canada only. For other countries, we offer the NextGen3 Cash Tracker which utilizes GPS (Global Positioning System). For more information on this product, please contact 3SI.