Asset Tracker™

Protects all types of high-value assets

Asset Tracker protects all types of assets including vehicles, electronics, smartphones, jewelry, luxury handbags, pharmaceuticals, bicycles, and many more.  Almost anything that can be stolen can be protected by Asset Tracker.

Asset Tracker is hidden covertly inside the item to be protected and automatically activates when motion is detected. The local police department immediately knows of the theft and can dispatch officers to the scene of the crime. At the same time, the exact location of the stolen asset and thief will be tracked online via a secured website, leading to asset recovery and criminal apprehension.

For applications such as cash-in-transit or jewelry couriers, 3SI now offers a Mobile Ping Feature. This feature is accessed by a shortcut on a smartphone home screen and is used to quickly trigger the tracker in the event of a crime. Once triggered, designated security personnel will receive an alert notifying them of the event.

To help preserve your valuable assets and apprehend criminals, learn more about the versatility of our Asset Tracker and see how it protects Convenience StoresRestaurantsPharmacies and Pawn Stores.

If a Theft Occurs…

Asset Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert upon motion. The GPS Tracking information is accessed by local law enforcement allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

  • Multiple vessel options
  • Motion trigger
  • Real time ping trigger
  • Configurable motion sensitivity, update rates, and interval reporting
  • Configurable (Geo) Fences
  • GPS location accurate within feet
  • RF pinpoints final device location
  • Stores location data if cellular signal is lost during tracking
  • Tracking data stored for evidence
  • Multiple options to extend battery life
  • Highly configurable to meet the type of crime and battery life needed
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Secure website for live tracking
  • Perfect for covert applications
  • Automatically tracks after activation
  • Can link multiple devices to location
  • Multiple technologies pinpoint device location
  • Device hibernation option to save battery
  • Reliable performance in Urban Canyon areas
  • Text and email alerts
  • Easy to use and maintain