Robbery Protection For Banks

Protect Your Customers, Employees and Cash!

After many years of declining crime, bank robberies are again on the rise. Traditional measures like alarms and CCTV are no match for experienced criminals.

Our solutions, GPS Tracking and Cash Tracing, have been successfully outwitting criminals for over 48 years! As a world leader in cash protection systems, we offer solutions for teller drawers, vaults, and all types of cash machines including ATMs, Cash Recycling Units (CRUs) and Cash Dispensing Units (CDUs).

GPS Tracking

ATM Tracker™ is a fully automatic GPS Tracking solution that silently and automatically notifies local law enforcement when it detects tilt/and or motion. ATM Tracker will track the ATM, cash and criminals during their escape. This highly effective solution has recovered 95% of all stolen ATM cash and has lead to criminal apprehension.

Cash Tracker and Vault Tracker™ provide an easy to access solution to protect the cash in manned cash drawers, vaults, CDUs and similar machines during a robbery.

Cash Tracker™ Cassette protects cash machines and the cash inside by being covertly integrated with the other cash in the cassette. It protects against theft of the entire cassette or when the cash is removed from the cassette and stolen. Designed for ATM deployers who replenish and manage their own machine networks.

Safety Systems

SafeBanker® is a Mobile Safety System designed specifically for Banks, Credit Unions and other Financial Institutions. The System requires no additional hardware and functions on both Android and Apple iPhone (iOS) Smartphones employees carry every day. SafeBanker protects employees when they are most vulnerable, limits liability, may reduce liability insurance costs, and brings compliance to the Bank Protection Act.


SecurityPac® is a safe, time-proven solution to catch criminals and discourage future crimes using smoke and dye. SecurityPac Dye Packs are safe, and use patented technology to create a reliable security solution. SecurityPac is designed to be virtually undetectable by a robber. Using sophisticated electronics, the unit detects when the robber has left the branch and, at a predetermined time after the robber leaves, the Dye Pack emits a large cloud of red smoke, red dye and (optional) tear gas. SecuriDab® LT offers an economical and easy-to-install method to protect ATMs. Designed for use in non-homologated countries, SecuriDab LT will detect a variety of types of attacks (pull out, unauthorized opening and break-in attacks) and reliably stain the cash inside the ATM rendering it worthless to criminals. The System is efficient and designed to avoid accidental activation.