Global Company

3SI is the world leader in asset protection systems. Our solutions create a safer world by protecting and recovering stolen cash and high-value assets and apprehending criminals.

With over 45 years’ experience and protecting more than 250,000 locations worldwide, our innovative solutions combat crime through a variety of technologies including GPS tracking, dye and ink staining, DNA and explosive gas neutralization technology. We have served thousands of institutions and organizations in the Financial, Retail, Courier/Cash in Transit and Law Enforcement markets.

Why have we succeeded for so long? Because we offer innovative SOLUTIONS supported by a first class SERVICE organization which pledges customer SATISFACTION through products that perform.

Our History

  • Founded in 1971
  • Part of ICI until July 2002
  • October 2005:  Acquisition of U.S. Currency Protection Corp. (US) – Smoke and Dye and Tracking technology
  • June 2007:  Acquisition of ECA (Austria) – Smoke and Dye and ATM Protection
  • June 2007:  Acquisition of IBP (France) – Extension and consolidation of Post Office Account
  • March 2008:  Acquisition of Geotrax (U.S.) – Tracking technology
  • May 2010:  Acquisition of Agis (Belgium) – CIT solutions
  • Today owned by LLR Partners – Philadelphia, PA

Our Strengths

  • Direct presence in major global markets
  • Centralized customer service
  • Widespread distributors network
  • Highly developed R&D teams
  • Broad line of patented and proprietary products/technologies
  • Company ISO9001:2008 approved

Our Mission

  • Respond in a FAST, AGILE and FLEXIBLE way to crime patterns and customer needs
  • Deliver superior CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
  • Continuously INVEST IN RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT to stay ahead

Law Enforcement Division         

Our dedicated Law Enforcement Division provides training and ongoing support to police agencies in connection with the installation of our tracking solutions within local jurisdictions. Comprised of active and retired law enforcement officers, this division along with our 24/7 Service and Support center makes our tracking solution second to none.

If our tracking system detects a robbery, local police dispatchers are alerted immediately; they can then notify officers in the field about the device’s location and movements. Police can also directly access the tracking information and pursue criminals from a safe distance…thus avoiding the inherent dangers of high-speed chases or any direct encounter with criminals. Because we personally train every law enforcement agency who will utilize our technology, dispatchers and officers are familiar with our tracking solution and know that their response to a robbery event is most likely to be effective and appropriate. All required training and related support are supplied to police departments at no cost.

Over 7,000 Law Enforcement agencies across the globe utilize 3SI technology to protect their communities against crime. These police partnerships are key to the 3SI mission to help reduce crime and catch criminals. The U.S. law-enforcement community is enthusiastic about 3SI tracking, and as more law enforcement professionals are made aware of it and are trained in its use, our system’s applications continue to grow. Law Enforcement agencies themselves are increasingly becoming 3SI customers, integrating the tracking solution for tactical use in property crime situations with our Electronic Stake Out® (ESO) Solution.

Research & Development

For over 45 years, 3SI has been strongly committed to the research and development of our products. This continuous investment in R&D laid the foundation for 3SI’s success today, providing the broadest range of high-tech security solutions in the market from a single supplier.

Our R&D Department is organized to both continually improve current products and look ahead to anticipate future customer and market needs. They accomplish these goals through the following groups:

Product & Technology Integration

In close collaboration with the customer, 3SI’s proven products and technologies are integrated seamlessly into the customer’s environment. 3SI’s R&D Department works in close collaboration with numerous partners throughout the industry to ensure smooth incorporation for customers.

New Product Development

Customers and commercial professionals continuously ask for different solutions to solve the many unique problems they encounter. In addition, because our R&D teams know our markets and customers so well, we work proactively to anticipate upcoming needs and develop solutions ahead of market demand.

Product Optimizations

Our R&D Department continually reviews existing products and performance and devises ways to optimize product performance. They listen to customer and field employees’ feedback as well as keeping abreast of industry and technology developments and market changes to ensure our product performance remains unparalleled.


To be sure our products meet all of the required industry performance guidelines, our R&D Department performs a crucial role in obtaining the required certificates which may be different in each market.


To protect our technologies and safeguard the future, we have filed many patents over the years and they are the basis of the proven technology-base present within the company.

These activities allow us to stay ahead in the market and answer the demands of our customers in a fast and agile way. 3SI will continue to focus on R&D activities as we understand the importance and added value of these investments.