About 3SI

Founded in 1971, 3SI is the market leader in pioneering advanced security solutions for asset protection and recovery. We are always ahead of the curve starting with the commercialization of dye and ink staining, to our ongoing development in GPS tracking and beyond. 

Our technology protects more than 180,000 locations worldwide, and we actively combat crime through innovative solutions…in fact, our name stands for Safety, Security, Service and Innovation.

3SI’s mission is to protect society through dependable security strategies backed by superior solutions, services, and technologies.

Our vision is to create a safer world.

Law Enforcement Division (LED)

Our dedicated LED provides training and ongoing support to police agencies relating to the installation of our tracking solutions within local jurisdictions. Comprised of active and retired law enforcement officers, this division along with our 24/7 Tracking Support Center makes our tracking solution second to none.

Over 9,000 Law Enforcement agencies utilize 3SI technology to protect their communities against crime. These police partnerships are key to helping reduce crime and catch criminals. The law-enforcement community is enthusiastic about 3SI Tracking, and as more law enforcement professionals are made aware of it and are trained in its use, our System’s applications continue to grow.

Law Enforcement agencies themselves are increasingly becoming 3SI customers, integrating the Tracking Solution for tactical use in property crime situations with our Electronic StakeOut® Solution.

24/7 Support

Crime is not a 9-to-5 problem, and successful crime solutions need to be available round-the-clock. To support our solutions, our 24/7/365 Tracking Support Center (TSC), located just outside Philadelphia, PA, is on the job.

Every crime event involving a 3SI solution is logged and managed by the TSC, and we support local dispatchers and law enforcement every step of the way during an active track. The same 24/7 support services are available to our customers because we know that you need support when you need it.

Product Installation, Maintenance and Training

3SI’s dedicated Field Service Organization provides industry leading installation, maintenance and training. Our products support the do-it-yourself as well for customers who prefer to handle on their own.  Training videos and guides are available at our Customer Portal.

Our History

In business since 1971, 3SI provides Security Solutions to the Financial, Retail and Law Enforcement Markets. The company was one of the first providers of Smoke and Dye Technology for cash protection, and consistent innovation over more than four decades has resulted in advanced solutions in a wide range of designs that include GPS Tracking and Tracing Technologies. 3SI’s Solutions protect thousands of customers worldwide. 3SI was part of the ICI Group until 2002 when it became privately held. In 2017, LLR Partners of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, acquired 3SI Security Systems.

3SI’s Mission is to help create a Safer World with innovative solutions and superior services that support the apprehension of criminals and the recovery of stolen goods. #SaferWorld