“No airship will ever fly from New York to Paris.”     – Wilbur Wright



For over 20 years, I’ve worked in some aspect of the security sphere: from managing operations and franchise relations with Sonitrol to being VP of operations and sales with Kastle Systems. I also worked closely with the Carlyle group on a major acquisition within the Korean security space. Now, with just over three years at 3SI, I realize how dynamic and challenging the security market is and how much companies and technologies need to be able to adapt. Even a visionary like Wilbur Wright, who pioneered flight, found his limits and was unable to anticipate the future. Do that in today’s world and you will quickly fade into irrelevance.

Physical and virtual security threats change every day, and sharing information to be able to understand and address these new threats is vital. I’m certainly no expert in security, but as a famous insurance company says, “I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.”

In creating content for this blog, I will enlist the help of other security professionals in my network to provide content. My hope is that the information we share will be educational and thought-provoking and that we keep the security conversation going. Ken Blanchard wisely said “None of us is as smart as all of us”…together and with technology, we can help stem the growth of crime, and true to 3SI’s mission, help to create a #SaferWorld.