News channels and social media are rife with stories of the growing concerns about coronavirus. Of course, personal safety is a top concern but so, too, is the safety and security of our businesses and especially our financial institutions. In fact, Business Continuity and Contingency Planning are at the forefront of operations right now due to the potential pandemic.  Effective business continuity processes to mitigate operations risk are mandated by regulation and industry best practices regardless of the cause of the crisis: a pandemic outbreak, a man-made disaster, active threat, weather emergency or something else. In a crisis, business operations are even more important than usual, and normalcy will be most quickly restored if banks, credit unions, grocery stores, hospitals and the like continue to serve the public as fully as possible.


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Keeping staff informed is key to risk mitigation.

The one thing you need most is an effective Emergency Notification System (ENS) to provide staff with time-sensitive and direct communication.  A robust ENS assists in the continuity of mission-critical functions by ensuring that staff stay informed and stay safe. A two-way ENS that allows staff to report information back to central control further amplifies the efficacy of the system. Efficiency and speed are key, and the system should be simple to manage so that critical resources can focus on core tasks rather than managing a complicated ENS system.

SafeBanker® is the answer.

In addition to other employee safety benefits, its robust, two-way Emergency Notification System provides direct communication to staff by multiple electronic transmission methods. SafeBanker’s ENS is your direct line of communication to employees from the entire enterprise down the individual staff member.

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