Protect Your Jewelry Store Against Robberies

Jewelry Tracker is a security system that works day and night!

Smash-and-grab robberies are on the rise, and they are becoming increasingly violent. To protect against robberies, Jewelers are using Jewelry Tracker, a specialized GPS tracking system that triggers a silent theft alert when activated. The system has a 70%+ apprehension and recovery rate. So you get your stolen inventory back and police put the criminals away, where they can’t hurt anybody else.

Over 7,000 law enforcement agencies and dispatchers are trained on 3SI’s tracking technology and our network grows bigger every day. When it comes to protecting your store, Don’t Worry, We’ve Got This.

Over 100,000 Trackers Installed – 70%+ Apprehension and Recovery Rate in Retail Establishments

Jewelry Tracker™
Jewelry Tracker protects jewelry in the event of a robbery or burglary by helping law enforcement track and capture the criminals, recover stolen jewels and deter future crime. Jewelers utilize this proven solution to protect rings, watches, chains and other high-end jewelry at their stores.

Cash Tracker™
Cash is also an attractive target. Cash Tracker protects cash in registers and vaults where it silently tracks criminals so police can lock in on the target and move in for the arrest and recovery.