CIT Operators Search for Solution to Increase Safety for Guards & Assets

Every day, news stories are covering yet another armored car robbery. As attacks escalate, there is a greater likelihood of losses and, worse, violence against guards and bystanders. To address this growing threat, 3SI Security Systems and Ellenby Technologies, both leaders in cash management and cash protection, paired up to develop SecuriTrans®, an intelligent transport bag utilizing the latest in technology. CIT operators will find this solution reliable and effective.

SecuriTrans protects staff and assets in several ways. First, the bag’s look is designed to deter attacks.  Second, if the crime occurs, the system automatically triggers a siren and smoke to bring attention to the crime and the criminal, who will want to abandon the stolen assets. The system works in three ways:

  • Proximity: If a criminal grabs the bag and runs away, the bag detects the separation and the system is triggered.
  • Forced Entry: If a robber steals the bag and tries to open it, the bag detects the intrusion and the system is triggered
  • Trip Timeout: The system knows if a trip has extended longer than established by the client and the system is triggered.

“As a pioneer in the smart safe industry, we understand what it takes to protect valuables in the retail store against theft. We developed this unique mobile security system to extend protection of valuables after they leave the retail location” said Aaron Dobbins, President of Ellenby. “Codeveloping the SecuriTrans solution with Ellenby just made sense” said Mary Pifer, VP of Global Product Management and Marketing for 3SI. “Both companies have extensive backgrounds in protecting vulnerable cash, and the synergy of our teams and technologies complemented each other perfectly in the development of this industry-leading solution.”

SecuriTrans’ Key Features:

  • Logo deterrent discourages attack
  • 110dB alarm and large amounts of white smoke draw attention to criminal
  • Use for one man or two man CIT crews
  • Records system use to download audit files for review and analysis
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Rugged and easy to clean

The SecuriTrans System will be featured in 3SI’s booth at the upcoming SCTA Show from October 9-11 in Chicago.

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