New Technology Automates Procedures and Secures Branches and Stores During Vulnerable Openings and Closings  

Credit Unions and Retail Locations use SafeResource™ to increase staff safety and efficiency

Crime rates at financial institutions and retail locations continue to grow. Adding to security concerns for Credit Unions is the trend of branch transformation which combines lower staffing levels with an open layout, leaving staff more vulnerable to crime. Likewise, retailers are trying to reduce personnel costs by having fewer staff onsite during openings and closings, which increases vulnerability to crime, too. Fortunately, SafeResource technology works perfectly in all types of establishments to improve safety and provide comprehensive reporting of security protocols being met.

Based on the highly successful SafeBanker® platform, SafeResource automates openings, closings and, for Credit Unions, services such as replenishing an ATM or retrieving night deposits. Key features of this innovative technology include:

  • Uniform opening and closing process: procedures are consistently followed and even new staff members are capable of performing required open/close tasks.
  • Audio/video/chat support in Panic situations: Immediately connects staff to security support to ensure safety during openings/closings.
  • Full audit and reporting program: makes conformance and financial reporting fast, accurate and simple via download to Excel or similar programs.
  • Compliance with the Bank Protection Act and NCUA Guidelines, and meets OSHA requirements.
  • Reduced liability risk.
  • Cost savings through increased efficiency in branches/stores and back office: fewer staff are required and less time is spent generating reports.

SafeResource links directly with the customer’s Security Monitoring Center, or 3SI offers complete monitoring service and support with a U.L. Certified, TMA 5-Diamond facility. SafeResource is scalable so the system will work well in Credit Unions and Retailers of any size.

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