Each month, 3SI shares highlights of crimes solved with the help of police and our Tracking Technology. Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld.


PDF: Safer World Report: May 2019


Top Stories

Amount Recovered / Arrests Summary
3 arrests
Asset Tracker™ – Sacramento, CA – May 6

Three suspects broke into a beauty story and stole merchandise along with an Asset Tracker. The device immediately notified police who were logged in and tracking. Due to the instant notification from the tracker and the quick response from officers, all the suspects were arrested within 4 minutes and a full recovery was made.

4 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Cleveland, OH – May 8

Four suspects robbed a phone store of smartphones and a Phone Tracker. Police used data from the device and pursued the vehicle driven by one of the suspects. Two suspects bailed from the car and were apprehended by officers. The remaining two suspects were arrested after the tracker led them to a nearby residence. All the stolen merchandise was recovered.

Full Recovery
2 arrests
Tobacco Tracker™ – Sault Ste Marie, ON – May 14

Two suspects robbed a convenience store of cash, cigarettes, tobacco products, and a Tobacco Tracker. The responding police officers utilized the track data to locate the suspects in their vehicle. Both the suspects were arrested and the officers recovered all the stolen money and products.

3 arrests
Phone Tracker – Hendersonville, NC – May 20

Three suspects entered a phone store prior to opening and stole smartphones and a Phone Tracker. The suspects fled but the device alerted police, who gave chase to the suspects. All three suspects were arrested in a nearby city and were also linked to other phone store robberies. A full recovery was made.

3 arrests
PharmaTracker® – Kingston Springs, TN – May 20

Three suspects broke into a pharmacy and stole prescription medication and a Pharma Tracker. The responding agency was logged in and tracked the suspects through multiple jurisdictions. After a high-speed chase, all three suspects were apprehended. The stolen medication was fully recovered and kept off the streets.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker – Charlotte, NC – May 24

A lone suspect robbed a bank of cash and a Cash Tracker and fled. The police were immediately alerted and tracking. Twelve minutes after the robbery occurred, the suspect had been apprehended and the stolen money was recovered.

5 arrests
Cash Tracker, Jewelry Tracker™ – Houston, TX – May 25

Five suspects robbed a pawn shop of cash, merchandise, and multiple Cash and Jewelry trackers. Police tracked the suspects to a nearby residence and arrested all five suspects. A full recovery was made.

1 arrest
PharmaTracker – Scranton, PA – May 26

A lone suspect robbed a pharmacy of controlled substances and a PharmaTracker. The suspect fled and immediately was tracked by the police. The suspect was arrested as he arrived at another pharmacy to commit a second robbery. A full recovery was made.

4 arrests
Phone Tracker – Indianapolis, IN – May 29

Four suspects robbed a phone store and stole smart phones and a Phone Tracker. The tracker alerted Law Enforcement who were logged in and tracking. Within five minutes, police had arrested the four suspects and made a full recovery of the stolen goods.

2 arrests
Asset Tracker– Danbury, CT – May 29

Two suspects broke into a retail store and stole car batteries and an Asset Tracker. Law Enforcement was able to quickly pinpoint the whereabouts of the suspects with the tracker data once it had gone stationary. They arrested two repeat offenders, made a full recovery for this incident and discovered merchandise taken from other burglaries.


Other May Successes

Date Business Type City/State Arrests $ Recovered Device Type
5/2 Electronics store Tempe, AZ 2 $22,300 Phone Tracker
5/2 Pharmacy Lexington, SC 0 $20,000 PharmaTracker
5/5 Electronics store Rockford, IL 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/6 Big Box Store Cherryville, NC 3 $30,000  Phone Tracker
5/6 Electronics store Huntington Beach, CA 2 $23,549 Phone Tracker
5/8 Bank Norfolk, VA 1 $3,080 Cash Tracker
5/9 Big Box Store Mobile, AL 5 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/10 Bank Lexington, NC 1 $1,500 Cash Tracker
5/11 Credit Union Denver, CO 1 $3,294 Cash Tracker
5/12 Convenience Store Saskatoon, SK 2 Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker
5/12 Electronics store Houston, TX 4 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/13 Bank Trenton, NJ 1 $3,001 Cash Tracker
5/13 Beauty Store Binghamton, NY 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
5/13 Convenience Store Baltimore, MD 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
5/14 Big Box Store Broken Arrow, OK 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/14 Bank Madison, WI 1 $5,340 Cash Tracker
5/16 Convenience Store Baltimore, MD 2 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
5/18 Electronics store Indianapolis, IN 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/18 Electronics store Lansing, IL 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/20 Bank Albuquerque, NM 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
5/21 Bank Mentor, OH 1 No Recovery Cash Tracker
5/21 Electronics store Fullerton, CA 4 $35,000 Phone Tracker
5/21 Electronics store Dallas, TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/22 Big Box Store Alpharetta, GA 2 $500 Asset Tracker
5/23 Electronics store Greenwood Village, CO 1 $500 Phone Tracker
5/24 Electronics store Raleigh, NC 0 $500 Phone Tracker
5/26 Big Box Store Gainesville, FL 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/26 Electronics store Snellville, GA 2 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
5/27 Big Box Store Evansville, IN 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/28 Dollar Store Houston, TX 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
5/29 Electronics store Raytown, MO 4 Full Recovery Phone Tracker
5/30 Electronics store Westchester, CA 1 $22,000 Phone Tracker
5/30 Bank Richmond, VA 1 $3,095 Cash Tracker
5/31 Electronics store Villa Rica, GA 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
5/31 Credit Union Aurora, CO 1 $878 Cash Tracker
5/31 Bank New Hyde Park, NY 1 $600 Cash Tracker