Our solutions helped our customers recover over $9.4 million in stolen cash and assets in 2019. Here are top stories that made our $100K+ Club, with HUGE recoveries and arrests that took dangerous criminals off the streets!

Large recoveries – The $100K+ Club

$570,000 recovered | 3 arrests
Jewelry Tracker™ – Burnsville, MN – November 3
Three suspects entered a stand-alone jewelry store and stole a tray of loose diamonds and some other merchandise. Luckily, Jewelry Tracker was on the job and police were immediately notified. All three suspects were arrested without incident and all of the stolen merchandise was recovered.

$208,389 recovered | 2 arrests
ATM Tracker™ – Phoenix, AZ – Jan 6
Two criminals used tools to commit an ATM pullout theft. ATM Tracker alerted police that the ATM had left its installed location. Police arrested both thieves and recovered the stolen ATM just 14 minutes later! The bank made a full recovery of over $200K from the stolen machine!

$135,000 recovered | 2 arrests
Jewelry Tracker™ – Newmarket, ON – November 26
Two male suspects smashed the glass near the entrance door of an upscale department store and entered. Once inside, they smashed multiple display cases and removed jewelry as well as two Jewelry Trackers. Using tracking data from the devices, police set up a perimeter and deployed a tire deflation device which disabled the vehicle. The suspects fled on foot, but both were arrested after a K9 unit chased them down. Both devices, as well as the full amount of $135,000 in stolen jewelry, were recovered.

$127,000 recovered | 1 arrest
Phone Tracker™ – Calgary, AB – March 28
A suspect broke into a local phone store after hours and stole smartphones. One of the devices was equipped with a Phone Tracker. The Tracker quickly alerted police, who were logged in and tracking. Police were able to use the device’s GPS data to locate and arrest the criminal and recover the stolen goods.

$121,000 | 3 arrests
Phone Tracker – Hendersonville, NC – May 20
Three suspects entered a phone store prior to opening and stole smartphones and a Phone Tracker. The suspects fled but the device alerted police, who gave chase to the suspects. All three suspects were arrested in a nearby city and were also linked to other phone store robberies. A full recovery was made.

$118,000 Recovered | 2 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Brampton, ON – October 31
Two male suspects entered a  phone store, threatened the staff, and demanded that they give them cell phones. The staff complied and the suspects left with 118 phones, including a Phone Tracker. Responding police used the tracking data to follow the suspects. The suspects tried to abandon their vehicle, but were both arrested right away. These two suspects were immediately charged in two additional phone store robberies.

$115,000 Recovered | 2 arrests
Cash Tracker™ – Brownstown, PA – April 8
Two suspects robbed a bank of cash and a Cash Tracker and fled by car at an alarming rate. Police were immediately notified by the device and a chase ensued. The suspects, driving at speeds upwards of 115mph, crashed the car. Both individuals were transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries from the crash. Police were on hand to take the suspects into custody. All the stolen cash was recovered.

$100,000 Recovered | 4 arrests
Jewelry Tracker™ – Huntsville, AL – Jan 5

Four armed males conducted a smash-and-grab robbery at an upscale jewelry store. Before escaping, they also stole the security officer’s weapon. Luckily, Jewelry Tracker was on the job and police quickly learned that they were headed out of Alabama towards Georgia. 3SI’s Tracking Support Center coordinated police response between jurisdictions to ensure the criminals did not get away. Due to outstanding coordination and cooperation, the robbers were stopped and arrested. The entire track was more than 200 miles and took close to five hours…but police prevailed and the robbers are in jail.