Each month, 3SI shares highlights of crimes solved with the help of police and our Tracking Technology. Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld.

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$80,000 recovered | 1 arrest
ATM Tracker™ – Huffman, TX – November 1
Local police received a crime notification from an ATM. They quickly arrived at the site of the crime and arrested the lone suspect trying to break into the ATM. None of the cash was stolen and the suspect is in custody.

$570,000 recovered | 3 arrests
Jewelry Tracker™ – Burnsville, MN – November 3
Three suspects entered a stand-alone jewelry store and stole a tray of loose diamonds and some other merchandise. Luckily, Jewelry Tracker was on the job and police were immediately notified. All three suspects were arrested without incident and all of the stolen merchandise was recovered.

$744 recovered | 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Baltimore, MD – November 4
A lone robber entered a game store and stole cash and a Cash Tracker from the register. He escaped the store but police used the tracking data from Cash Tracker to follow and apprehend him. Most of the stolen cash was recovered and the robber has since been charged with two additional Baltimore City commercial robberies.

$3,386 recovered | 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Palo Alto, CA – November 4
A bank near Stanford University was robbed by a masked man. He fled the campus area on a bike which could have meant an easy getaway, but he unknowingly carried a Cash Tracker. Police quickly identified him and pursued him. The suspect abandoned his bike and was captured by police after a brief foot chase. All of the stolen cash was recovered, and it was discovered that the suspect was on probation for a prior offense of Assault on a Police Officer.

$20,000 recovered | 1 arrest
PharmaTracker® – Livermore, CA – November 4
Three suspects entered a drugstore and stole $20,000 worth of drugs from the safe. Luckily, they also stole a PharmaTracker so police were able to safely follow and apprehend one of the criminals. The stolen drugs were recovered and kept off the streets.

$3,000 recovered | 1 arrest
Phone Tracker™ – Lakeland, FL – November 4
A lone suspect broke into a phone store by smashing out one of the corner windows and then prying open the metal grate. He entered and kicked in the back door. He then used a sledgehammer to try to break into the back room containing the smartphone inventory. The door was secured, and he couldn’t break through…but the impact of striking the door activated a Phone Tracker in the back room and the burglary was reported to the police. The criminal didn’t want to leave empty-handed, so he started stealing accessories from the wall but hadn’t even left the premises when police arrived on the scene to arrest him. Thanks to Phone Tracker, nothing was stolen, and the burglar has been arrested.

$16,000 recovered | 3 arrests
 Phone Tracker™ – Richmond Hill, ON – November 4
Three disguised males, armed with knives, entered a phone store. They zip-tied the staff and stole approximately 40 phones from the safe. Responding officers used tracking data supplied by Phone Tracker and pursued the suspects in their vehicle, and then after they fled on foot. After calling on K9 support, all three suspects were arrested and some of the stolen phones were recovered.

$1,000 recovered | 2 arrests
Asset Tracker™ – Chicago, IL – November 6
Two suspects stole a large amount of merchandise from a beauty store. They also unknowingly stole an Asset Tracker. Police were immediately notified of the crime and were able to track the suspects and apprehend them in just 16 minutes. Both were arrested without incident and all the stolen merchandise was recovered.

$2,519 recovered | 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Salt Lake City, UT – November 13
A robber entered a credit union and threatened having a weapon. The teller gave him cash and a Cash Tracker. He fled a short distance and then stopped to go through the cash. He discovered the tracker but was so busy destroying it that he didn’t see the police arriving. He jumped back onto his bike to escape but hit a curb, fell off and was arrested. All the stolen cash was recovered. The suspect is on parole from 4 bank robberies in 2014 and was a parolee at large for the last year. He is responsible for at least one other robbery (a gas station) earlier in November.

$321 recovered | 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Raleigh, NC – November 13
A robber presented a knife and demanded money from a convenience store clerk. A struggle ensued and the clerk was cut on the hand. The robber escaped with a small amount of cash but only for 4 minutes! Raleigh PD used the tracking data from Cash Tracker to quickly apprehend him and recover the stolen cash. The robber has a history of violent crime and will be locked up. The clerk is expected to fully recover.

$1,688 recovered | 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Lakewood, CO – November 14
A lone female entered a bank, demanded money, and fled. The alert teller handed the robber cash and a Cash Tracker. The suspect was tracked on foot into a nearby apartment complex where she was waiting for an Uber ride when captured. All the stolen cash was recovered.

$43,000 recovered | 3 arrests
 Phone Tracker™ – Toronto, ON – November 15
Three robbers entered a phone store and threatened store staff that they were armed. They ordered staff to the rear of the store and forced them to open the safe. They stole many smartphones as well as a Phone Tracker. Police tracked them and safely arrested all three. All the stolen phones were recovered and returned to the store.

$500 recovered | 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Wilson, NC – November 16
A robber entered a convenience store and stole cash as well as a Cash Tracker. Police were immediately notified of the crime and the suspect was apprehended just 4 minutes after the robbery. All the stolen cash was recovered.

$5,300 recovered | 2 arrests
Cash Tracker™ – Vancouver, BC – November 16
A branch cleaning crew forced open the top of a Cash Dispensing Unit (CDU) in a bank and removed cash along with a Cash Tracker. Police successfully tracked the criminals using tracking data from Cash Tracker and apprehended them. All the stolen cash was recovered.

$30,000 recovered | 1 arrest
Phone Tracker™ – Santa Fe, NM – November 16
A thief successfully stole at least 30 smartphones from a big box store. He also stole a Phone Tracker, so police were able to quickly and safely track him. He was arrested just 14 minutes after the crime and all the stolen merchandise was recovered.

$1,300 recovered | 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Baltimore, MD – November 18
A robber entered a convenience store at 2 AM and stole cash from the register. He unknowingly also stole a Cash Tracker. Police were immediately tracking, and the criminal was safely apprehended in just 4 minutes. All the stolen cash was also recovered.

$500 recovered | 1 arrest
Asset Tracker™ – Long Beach, CA – November 19
Two burglars broke into a beauty supply store at 3 AM and stole merchandise along with an Asset Tracker. Police were notified of the crime and tracked them until they became stationary. One of the criminals was arrested and all the stolen merchandise was recovered.

$15,500 recovered | 2 arrests
Cash Tracker™ – Des Plaines, IL – November 18
Two armed robbers entered a bank and stole over $15K. Both fled on foot. One was captured almost immediately. The second carjacked a civilian vehicle and fled towards Chicago. He was pursued by police and, upon exiting the stolen car, immediately fired on police. He then fled into a nearby music school where he was ultimately stopped. Both robbers have lengthy criminal records; the second was a longtime gang member. All the stolen cash was recovered, and two dangerous criminals have been taken off the streets.

$135,000 recovered | 2 arrests
Jewelry Tracker™ – Newmarket, ON – November 26
Two male suspects smashed the glass near the entrance door of an upscale department store and entered. Once inside, they smashed multiple display cases and removed jewelry as well as two Jewelry Trackers. Using tracking data from the devices, police set up a perimeter and deployed a tire deflation device which disabled the vehicle. The suspects fled on foot, but both were arrested after a K9 unit chased them down. Both devices, as well as the full amount of $135K in stolen jewelry, were recovered.


Date Business Type City/State Arrests $ Recovered Device Type
11/1 Bank Edmonton, AB 1 0 Cash Tracker™
11/2  Bank Bridgeton, MO 1 $1173  Cash Tracker™
11/2 Big Box Store Houston, TX 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/2 Convenience Store Winnipeg, MB 2 $128 Tobacco Tracker™
11/3 Post Office Drayton, AB 1 $500 Asset Tracker™
11/3 Beauty Store Modesto, CA 1 $500 Asset Tracker™
11/5 Electronics Store Normal, IL 3 $14,000 Phone Tracker™
11/6 Electronics Store Philadelphia, PA 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/9 Beauty Store Plano, TX 2 $2500 Asset Tracker™
11/10  Convenience Store Kansas City, MO 1 0  Cash Tracker™
11/10 Big Box Store Norman, OK 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/11  Bank Houston, TX 1 0  Cash Tracker™
11/11 Big Box Store Dallas, TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/11 Big Box Store Marietta, GA 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/12 Electronics Store Roselle, IL 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/13 Dollar Store Houston, TX 1 $203  Cash Tracker™
11/13 Big Box Store Swansboro, NC 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/14  Bank Troy, MI 2 $5835  Cash Tracker™
11/14 Big Box Store Monona, WI 1 $1000 Phone Tracker™
11/16  Bank Rolling Meadows, IL 1 0  Cash Tracker™
11/17 Game Store Columbus, OH 2 $500  Cash Tracker™
11/19 Electronics Store Statesville, NC 3 $17,000 Phone Tracker™
11/20 Electronics Store Greenboro, NC 0 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/20 Dollar Store Tulsa, OK 1 $500  Cash Tracker™
11/20 Electronics Store Boston, MA 1 0 Phone Tracker™
11/21 Electronics Store Calgary, AB 8 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/21  Convenience Store Houston, TX 1 $500  Cash Tracker™
11/21  Bank Des Moines, IA 1 $1300  Cash Tracker™
11/21  Bank Saint Paul, MN 1 $1460  Cash Tracker™
11/22 Beauty Store Dallas, TX 2 $5000 Asset Tracker™
11/22 Electronics Store Royse City, TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/22 Electronics Store Chicago, IL 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/23 Dollar Store Houston, TX 1 $199  Cash Tracker™
11/23 Big Box Store Covington, GA 0 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/24 Big Box Store Plano, TX 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/24  Electronics Store Orange Park, FL 4 $22,468 Phone Tracker™
11/25    Bank Columbus, GA 0 $83  Cash Tracker™
11/25  Convenience Store Raleigh, NC 1 $111  Cash Tracker™
11/25 Electronics Store Brampton, ON 2 $20,000 Phone Tracker™
11/26  Bank Cleveland, OH 1 $5380  Cash Tracker™
11/26  Bank Brooklyn, NY 1 $950  Cash Tracker™
11/29 Game Store Lake City, FL 2 $350 Asset Tracker™
11/29 Dollar Store Houston, TX 1 $500  Cash Tracker™
11/29 Big Box Store Plano, TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
11/30 Convenience Store Durham, NC 2 $500  Cash Tracker™
11/30 Electronics Store Shelby, OH 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™


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