Each month, 3SI shares highlights of crimes solved with the help of police and our Tracking Technology. Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld. Contact us to see how we can make your world safer, too!

$50,000 Recovered – 2 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Lisle, IL – February 1
Two robbers entered a phone store at approximately 7 p.m. They stole a large number of smartphones but also stole a Phone Tracker. Police successfully tracked them using GPS data from the device. Both suspects were arrested without incident and all the stolen merchandise was recovered.

Full Recovery – 1 arrest
Phone Tracker™ – Philadelphia, PA – February 2
A burglar successfully broke into a phone store at 1 a.m. He stole merchandise as well as a Phone Tracker. Police quickly tracked and arrested him within 4 minutes of receiving the initial alert. All the stolen items were returned to the store.

$20,000 Recovered – 1 arrest
PharmaTracker® – Hamilton, ON – February 2
A male suspect entered a drug store and robbed the clerk of a large quantity of narcotics. The clerk also gave the robber a PharmaTracker. Police officers responding to the activation tracked the suspect, who was on foot. He discarded the device out of his bedroom window into the backyard, but police had already located his house. He was subsequently arrested and all the stolen drugs, worth $20,000, were recovered.

$21,261 Recovered – 1 arrest
Phone Tracker™ – McLean, VA – February 3
A lone suspect entered a phone store and stole a large number of smartphones and also took cash from the register. Luckily, he unknowingly stole a Phone Tracker. Police tracked him into Washington, DC, and apprehended him. All the stolen cash and merchandise was recovered.

$46,000 Recovered – 1 arrest
Phone Tracker™ – Houston, TX – February 3
Two suspects broke into a phone store at around 1:00 a.m. They stole $46,000 of display phones and new phones. They also stole a Phone Tracker. Police used the GPS data from Phone Tracker to track and apprehend one of the criminals. All the stolen phones were recovered, and police continue to search for the second burglar.

$3,000 Recovered – 1 arrest
 Cash Tracker™ – Kent, WA – February 3
A lone suspect entered a bank and presented a note to the teller that implied he had a gun. The suspect was given cash as well as a Cash Tracker. He fled the bank in a vehicle. Responding patrol units were provided information from dispatch that allowed them to get in front of the robber’s vehicle and basically create a traffic jam. The suspect broke out of the congestion and went down a dead-end road where he ended up in an apartment complex. Officers engaged in a short vehicle pursuit, then a foot pursuit where a K9 was ultimately deployed to take down the suspect and recover the stolen cash. The suspect has an extensive criminal history and is good for several other robberies.

$28,726 Recovered – 3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Redford, MI – February 6
A robber entered an electronics store and stole 23 phones, 5 airpods and over $700 in cash. He also stole a Phone Tracker. Police tracked and apprehended him in minutes. All the stolen items and cash were recovered.

$780 Recovered – 2 arrests
 Cash Tracker™ – Indianapolis, IN – February 6
Two suspects stole cash from the register of a dollar store. They fled but police successfully tracked and apprehended both suspects. The stolen cash was returned to the store.

Full Recovery – 2 arrests
 Tobacco Tracker™ – Lancaster, TX – February 9
Two suspects robbed a convenience store of tobacco products. They also stole a Tobacco Tracker, so police were able to track and apprehend both suspects. All of the stolen inventory was recovered.

$6,000 Recovered
 Asset Tracker™ – Santa Monica, CA – February 9
An ORC crew entered a beauty store near closing time and began to clear off all the fragrance shelves before fleeing the store. They unknowingly stole an Asset Tracker which activated and gave detectives detailed tracking information. These officers were part of a task force investigating a string of thefts and they had a description of the car used in previous crimes. Using the tracking data, they quickly spotted the car and moved in. The items stolen in this crime were recovered. This crew is good for more than 20 similar incidents with losses of over $200,000!

$29,000 Recovered – 3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Ocoee, FL – February 10
At 6 a.m., three suspects entered a big box store and stole a large number of smartphones. They thought they had gotten away with it but the Phone Tracker they unknowingly stole reported their location to police. All three were arrested and all the stolen phones, worth $29,000, were recovered.

$75,897 Recovered – 2 arrests
Vault Tracker™ – Lino Lakes, MN – February 11
An armed suspect entered a bank just as it opened for the day. He took employees at gunpoint to the vault where he stole over $77,000 and a Vault Tracker. The suspect wore a mask and fled to a waiting getaway car driven by a second suspect. The Vault Tracker tracked into St. Paul where both suspects were apprehended and over $75,000 was recovered. This was both suspects’ first bank robbery and they previously only had a few misdemeanor convictions. Police stated it would have been unlikely to catch these suspects since they were masked and only had previous misdemeanor convictions.

$4,900 Recovered
 Cash Tracker™ – Los Angeles, CA – February 12
A suspect robbed a bank and escaped with cash and 2 Cash Trackers. Police used the tracking data and located the suspect’s car but he was no longer in it. They impounded the vehicle and found both trackers. They have identified the suspect and an arrest is imminent.

$15,160 Recovered – 5 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Markham, ON – February 13
Five robbers entered a phone store  and stole smartphones as well as a Phone Tracker. Police used tracking data and apprehended all 5 suspects. All the stolen items were recovered.

Full Recovery – 2 arrests
 Tobacco Tracker™ – Dallas, TX – February 17
Two suspects broke into a convenience store at 3 a.m. and stole cigarettes as well as a Tobacco Tracker. Police used the tracking data from the device and apprehended both burglars. All the stolen tobacco products were recovered.

$2,997 Recovered – 1 arrest
 Cash Tracker™ – Washington, DC – February 18
A robber entered a bank branch at 8 a.m. and brandished a gun. He demanded money from the tellers and was given cash as well as two Cash Trackers. He fled, first by vehicle then by foot. The trackers kept responding law enforcement up to date with the suspect’s location and direction of travel. He was ultimately arrested in an apartment and all the stolen cash was recovered.

$110,000 Recovered – 4 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – North Charleston, SC – February 18
A phone store manager was followed from the store after closing. He was confronted by 2 armed suspects at gunpoint near his home and brought back to the store at 11 p.m. for a robbery. The suspects stole iPhones, iPads and iWatches valued at over $110,000 and fled the area. The manager included a Phone Tracker in the stolen goods. Police tracked them to a massive apartment complex but couldn’t be sure which apartment they were in. Mid-day on February 19, the device begins moving again and police track the suspects as they headed out of state. A traffic stop was conducted on the interstate and both suspects were apprehended. All the stolen merchandise, as well as the gun used during the crime, was recovered. The tracker successfully reported for 16 hours which allowed police the time needed to get the job done.

$1,500 Recovered – 1 arrest
 Cash Tracker™ – Seattle, WA – February 19
A suspect entered a bank and demanded money from a teller. He was given about $1500 and a Cash Tracker. He called a cab to pick him up after the robbery and a witness observed him getting into the cab and called police to report this. The officers responding were provided with updates from the trackers and quickly located the suspect in the cab. As police pulled him over, the suspect jumped out, failed to comply with officer commands, and took off running to a nearby bus where he offered the driver $200 to drive away. When the bus driver refused, the suspect threatened to kill him which was about the same time that an officer grabbed the suspect from behind and dragged him off the bus. After an altercation, the suspect was arrested. He cooperated during the interview and provided a full confession. All the stolen cash was recovered.

$28,024 Recovered – 1 arrest
 Cash Tracker™ – Riverside, CA – February 19
A suspect wearing an “old man” mask entered a bank and demanded money. He was given cash and a Cash Tracker. He fled and was immediately engaged by local police. A lengthy pursuit was initiated and traveled south all the way to San Diego. The suspect’s full-size SUV was slowed with spike strips and came to a stop in front of a children’s hospital in San Diego. The suspect barricaded himself inside the vehicle with a handgun and held police at bay for several hours. The suspect ultimately shot himself before he could be taken into custody. All the stolen cash was recovered. This was the “Old Man Robber” who had been very active in Southern California, so named because of the mask he wore during all the crimes.

$1,000 Recovered – 3 arrests
 Asset Tracker™ – Chicago, IL – February 27
Three suspects entered a beauty store and stole $1,000 of designer fragrances and an Asset Tracker. They fled the store and police were quickly following them. They crashed their car in an attempt to evade police but were unsuccessful. All suspects were arrested, and all the stolen inventory was recovered.

$17,300 Recovered – 1 arrest
 Cash Tracker™– West Valley, UT – February 27
After scouting several different locations, the suspect decided to rob a small branch of a Credit Union. He entered the location, announced the robbery and began waving the gun around, ordering tellers to empty their drawers then ordering them to go to the vault to get more money. He fled and was tracked to an apartment building a few miles from the branch he robbed. Police used RF to locate the specific apartment and arrested the suspect as he walked out. He denied being involved but had the tracker battery in his pocket. He is facing federal armed bank robbery charges plus the additional firearm enhancements. Police made a full recovery of the $17,300 taken.

Complete list of February Successes

Date Business Type City State Arrests Recovery Device Type
2/1 Bank Wilmington DE 0 Full  Cash Tracker™
2/1 Electronics Store Lisle IL 2 $50,000 Phone Tracker™
2/1 Game Store Houston TX 0 $350  Asset Tracker™
2/2 Electronics Store Philadelphia PA 1 $500  Cash Tracker™
2/2 Pharmacy Hamilton ON 1 $20,000 PharmaTracker®
2/3 Electronics Store McLean VA 1 $21,261 Phone Tracker™
2/3 Electronics Store Houston TX 1 $46,000 Phone Tracker™
2/3 Bank Kent WA 1 $2,600  Cash Tracker™
2/4 Electronics Store Spring TX 6 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/4 Big Box Store Fayetteville AR 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
2/6 Electronics Store Redford MI 3 $28,726 Phone Tracker™
2/6 Dollar Store Indianapolis IN 2 $740  Cash Tracker™
2/7 Electronics Store Houston TX 5 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/8 Dollar Store Houston TX 1 $275  Cash Tracker™
2/9 Convenience Store Lancaster TX 2 Full  Tobacco Tracker™
2/9 Beauty Store Coral Springs FL 1 $150  Asset Tracker™
2/9 Beauty Store Santa Monica CA 0 $6,000  Asset Tracker™
2/10 Big Box Store Ocoee FL 3 $29,000 Phone Tracker™
2/11 Electronics Store Houston TX 4 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/11 Bank Lino Lakes MN 2 $75,897  Cash Tracker™
2/11 Bank Baltimore MD 1 Full  Cash Tracker™
2/12 Bank Gloucester ON 1 Partial  Cash Tracker™
2/12 Electronics Store Las Vegas NV 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/12 Bank Los Angeles CA 0 $4,900  Cash Tracker™
2/13 Bank Toronto ON 1 $280  Cash Tracker™
2/13 Electronics Store Markham ON 4 $15,160 Phone Tracker™
2/13 Electronics Store Kitchener ON 0 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/13 Electronics Store Lexington NC 4 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/13 Beauty Store Rialto CA 1 $3,000  Asset Tracker™
2/14 Bank Edmonton AB 1 $5,160  Cash Tracker™
2/14 Bank Buffalo NY 1 Full  Cash Tracker™
2/15 Electronics Store Joliet IL 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/15 Beauty Store Wheaton IL 4 $3,600  Asset Tracker™
2/16 Bank Vancouver BC 1 $245  Cash Tracker™
2/17 Convenience Store Dallas TX 2 Full Tobacco Tracker™
2/18 Electronics Store Roswell CA 2 $13,554 Phone Tracker™
2/18 Electronics Store N. Charleston SC 4 $110,000 Phone Tracker™
2/18 Bank Washington DC 1 $2,997  Cash Tracker™
2/19 Electronics Store Pearland TX 0 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/19 Electronics Store Phoenix AZ 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
2/19 Bank Seattle WA 1 $1,500  Cash Tracker™
2/19 Bank Riverside CA 1 $28,024  Cash Tracker™
2/19 Beauty Store Vernon Hills IL 1 $1,000  Asset Tracker™
2/20 Big Box Store Laurel MD 1 0 Phone Tracker™
2/21 Electronics Store Oakland CA 0 Partial Phone Tracker™
2/21 Luxury Store Las Vegas NV 1 0  Asset Tracker™
2/21 Bank Valley Stream NY 1 0  Cash Tracker™
2/22 Bank Oaklyn NJ 1 0  Cash Tracker™
2/24 Bank Deerfield Beach FL 1 Full  Cash Tracker™
2/25 Big Box Store Little Rock AR 0 $500 Phone Tracker™
2/27 Beauty Store Chicago IL 3 $1,000  Asset Tracker™
2/27 Credit Union West Valley UT 0 $17,300  Cash Tracker™
2/28 Bank Des Moines IA 1 Full Cash Tracker™
2/29 Game Store Houston TX 3 $350 Asset Tracker™

*Overall success numbers were updated on 2/7/2020 following the discovery of a discrepancy in previously reported statistics. Our apologies for any inconvenience.