Each month, 3SI shares highlights of crimes solved with the help of police and our Tracking Technology. Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld.

Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld.

Top Stories
Amount Recovered / Arrests Summary
2 arrests
Cash Tracker™ – Chesapeake, VA – December 1

Starting on November 30, two subjects went on a crime spree. They started with a carjacking in Newport News, then travelled around the area committing armed commercial robberies in various jurisdictions. While conducting their second armed robbery in the City of Chesapeake, a  convenience store clerk gave them a Cash Tracker. Officers attempted a felony traffic stop…the suspects fled and crashed their car, and one criminal was immediately arrested. After a relentless search by local police, the second was taken into custody. All the stolen cash was recovered as well as the stolen car and the firearm.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Davie, FL – December 2

The suspect entered a bank branch, announced a robbery and claimed he had a bomb, which caused panic in the branch. The teller gave the suspect $3,194 and a Cash Tracker and he ran from the building. The tracker alerted and police from multiple jurisdictions tracked him. When he saw marked units approaching him, he attempted to run from the car but was quickly taken into custody. There were no injuries to anyone, and all the stolen cash was recovered. The suspect has been charged with armed bank robbery.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – New Westminster, BC – December 2

An armed male suspect wearing a motorcycle helmet and rain gear verbally demanded cash from a teller in a bank branch. He was given cash as well as a Cash Tracker. He fled to a residence where police used tracking data to locate him. He was arrested at this location and the money and Cash Tracker were recovered. Police stated that without the tracking data, they never would have located the residence where the suspect had fled.

Full Recovery
2 arrests
Cash Tracker™ – Dallas, TX – December 4

Two burglars entered a check cashing store in Dallas. They broke into a cash drawer and stole money but did not realize they also stole a Cash Tracker. They had no idea they were being tracked and were safely arrested by police just 7 minutes after the tracker activated. All the stolen cash was recovered.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Portland, OR – December 4

A lone male suspect wearing a bandana entered a bank and demanded money. He changed clothing post robbery. He placed the cash and the Cash Tracker in a briefcase and left the bank on foot. Police tracked and could tell he was walking because of the low speed (2.2mph). He was taken into custody a few minutes later without incident. The stolen cash was recovered.

3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Greenville, NC – December 4

Three suspects stole phones and a Phone Tracker from the safe in an electronics store. Police were logged in and tracking. All three robbers were apprehended, and a full recovery was made.

3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Newark, NJ – December 5

This was a takeover robbery of a phone store with three armed suspects. All three suspects were taken into custody and all the stolen phones were recovered. Also recovered was a .40 caliber Glock which had the serial numbers removed. This gun is a ballistic match to a shooting and carjacking that happened in Newark in November 2019. Thanks to Phone Tracker, a very violent crew, suspected in numerous major crimes in Newark, is off the streets.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Chelsea, MA – December 7

A robber entered a bank and demanded money. The teller gave him cash as well as a Cash Tracker. Police quickly tracked and apprehended him. Following his arrest, police executed a search warrant for the car connected to the case and recovered $5,000 in cash as well as 8 iPhones, 4 Google Pixels, 5 iWatches and 9 Airpods, all still in their boxes and stolen in previous crimes.


1 arrest

Cash Tracker™ – Louisville, KY – December 8

A robber stole cash and a Cash Tracker from a  convenience store at 5:00 a.m. Police used tracking data to quickly apprehend him and recover all the stolen money.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Reston, VA – December 9

A lone armed male suspect entered a bank dressed in a full Tyvek suit with mask. He passed a note demanding money. He received cash and a Cash Tracker. Police were able to track him as he left the branch and headed down a known foot trail. He was safely apprehended, and all the stolen cash was recovered. The suspect has a criminal history in Florida.

3 arrests
PharmaTracker® – Roseville, CA – December 10

Two robbers forced their way into a pharmacy and made staff give them narcotics. They also received a PharmaTracker. A getaway driver was waiting in the parking lot, but police were quickly tracking and after a short vehicle pursuit and a brief foot chase, all three suspects were arrested, and all the stolen drugs were recovered. This crew is suspected to be responsible for numerous similar crimes in the area.


1 arrest

Phone Tracker™ – Albuquerque, NM – December 10

A suspect entered a phone store at 6 p.m., asked about phones and took a business card. He returned 15 minutes later and forced the manager into the back room at gunpoint. He ordered the manager to open the time delay safe, waited 10 minutes, then took smart phones and three Phone Trackers. He was tracked to an apartment complex where police discovered a secret hiding space in the wall. Even though Phone Tracker had been submerged in water, it was still reporting! Two suspects were arrested, the gun and stolen phones were recovered. The main suspect has been charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy.

Full Recovery  ATM Tracker™ – Crosby, TX – December 12

Two suspects tied chains around an ATM in Crosby, TX, and attempted to use a truck to pull it away. Luckily, the ATM was equipped with an ATM Tracker which detected the attempt and quickly notified police. The ATM was damaged but never left the premises and none of the cash inside was stolen.


2 arrests

Cash Tracker™ – College Station, TX – December 13

Two suspects robbed a  convenience store of cash and a Cash Tracker. Police tracked and apprehended both robbers and recovered all the stolen cash.


1 arrest

Cash Tracker™ – Hawthorne, CA – December 13

A robber entered a  Credit Union branch and demanded money from the teller. He received cash as well as a Cash Tracker. Police tracked him and quickly and safely apprehended him. All the stolen cash was recovered.


1 arrest

Phone Tracker™ – East Boston, MA – December 16

Two male suspects entered a phone store with their faces covered. One of the suspects said, “Hurry up give me all the money.” One suspect took the manager to the back room and placed several smartphones in a blue laundry bag while the other suspect emptied all the cash registers. They exited the store and fled with only a description of them wearing black clothes and hoodies. Police used GPS data from Phone Tracker to locate a car which contained cash and several stolen smartphones. One suspect was arrested.


1 arrest

Asset Tracker™ – Chicago, IL – December 19

A suspect stole a large amount of perfume and other items from a beauty store. He also unknowingly stole an Asset Tracker. Police used the tracking data to apprehend him and recover all the stolen merchandise.


2 arrests

Cash Tracker™ – Milwaukee, WI – December 20

Two robbers entered a  Credit Union and demanded money. The teller gave them cash and a Cash Tracker. Police successfully tracked the suspects and safely apprehended them. All the stolen money was recovered.


2 arrests

Cash Tracker™ – Philadelphia, PA – December 29

Two suspects robbed a pharmacy and fled. Police used the GPS data from Cash Tracker to track and safely apprehend them. All the stolen drugs were recovered.


4 arrests

Cash Tracker™ – Houston, TX – December 29

Four suspects, including one juvenile, robbed a  pharmacy of narcotics and a Cash Tracker. Police were tracking immediately, using data from the tracker. All four bailed and tried to run on foot but police arrested them all. All the stolen drugs were also recovered. The group was driving a stolen vehicle that was taken in an aggravated robbery in Brazoria county.


2 arrests

Phone Tracker™ – Houston, TX – December 30

Three suspects broke into a  phone store before opening hours. They stole about 20 smartphones and other products but also unknowingly took a Phone Tracker. Police successfully tracked and apprehended two of the suspects. These suspects have criminal histories dating back almost 20 years for numerous felonies.


Complete List of December Successes



Business Type City/State Arrests $ Recovered Device Type
12/1  Convenience Store Chesapeake, VA 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/1  Electronics Store Lutherville, MD 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
12/2  Convenience Store Baltimore, MD 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/2 Bank Davie, FL 1 $3,194 Cash Tracker™
12/2  Bank New Westminster, BC 1 $250 Cash Tracker™
12/3  Electronics Store Irondequoit, NY 2 $25,000 Phone Tracker™
12/3  Electronics Store Wylie, TX 0 $18,000 Phone Tracker™
12/4 Check Cashing Store Dallas, TX 2 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
12/4  Bank Portland, OR 1 $3,900 Cash Tracker™
12/4  Electronics Store Greenville, NC 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/4 Beauty Store Chicago, IL 3 $214 Asset Tracker™
12/5  Electronics Store Newark, NJ 2 $24,120 Phone Tracker™
12/7  Bank Chelsea, MA 1 $1,295 Cash Tracker™
12/8  Convenience Store Louisville, KY 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/9  Bank Reston, VA 1 $1,623 Cash Tracker™
12/10  Pharmacy Roseville, CA 3 $20,000 PharmaTracker®
12/10  Bank San Francisco, CA 1 NR Cash Tracker™
12/10  Electronics Store Albuquerque, NM 1 $42,000 Phone Tracker™
12/11  Electronics Store Tucker, GA 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/12  Bank Crosby, TX 0 Full ATM Tracker™
12/12  Convenience Store Wilkes-Barre, PA 1 $115 Cash Tracker™
12/12  Electronics Store Norco, CA 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/13  Convenience Store College Station, TX 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/13 Beauty Supply Store Nashville, TN 1 $1,000 Asset Tracker™
12/13  Electronics Store Frankfort, IL 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/13   Credit Union Hawthorne, CA 1 $2,540 Cash Tracker™
12/16  Bank Hagerstown, MD 1 $1,800 Cash Tracker™
12/16 Dollar Store Charlotte, NC 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/16  Electronics Store East Boston, MA 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/16 Beauty Supply Store Santa Clara, CA 2 $1,000 Asset Tracker™
12/17  Bank Baltimore, MD 1 $482 Cash Tracker™
12/18  Bank Wood Dale, IL 1 $6,909 Cash Tracker™
12/18  Electronics Store Houston, TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/18  Electronics Store Burleson, TX 1 $26,000 Phone Tracker™
12/18 Game Store Columbus, OH 1 $500 Asset Tracker™
12/18 Postal Facility Chertsey, QC 1 NR Asset Tracker™
12/19 Beauty Store Chicago, IL 2 $3,000 Fragrance Tracker™
12/20 Credit Union Milwaukee, WI 2 $2,785 Cash Tracker™
12/21 Beauty Supply Store Moreno Valley, CA 3 $1,000 Asset Tracker™
12/21  Electronics Store Houston, TX 3 $20,000 Phone Tracker™
12/22 Big Box Store Hollywood, FL 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/22  Convenience Store York, PA 0 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/24  Electronics Store Wauwatosa, WI 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/24 Retail Store Fresno, CA 2 $200  Asset Tracker™
12/24  Bank Brampton, ON 1 NR Cash Tracker™
12/26 Beauty Store Las Vegas, NV 5 $3,000 Fragrance Tracker™
12/26  Electronics Store Coal City, IL 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/26  Electronics Store College Station, TX 5 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/27 Big Box Store Sureka, MO 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/27  Bank Troy, MI 1 NR Cash Tracker™
12/27  Electronics Store Houston, TX 2 $24,000 Phone Tracker™
12/27 Beauty Store Chicago, IL 3 $1,000 Fragrance Tracker™
12/28  Electronics Store Chicago, IL 2 $20,150 Phone Tracker™
12/28 Game Store Dallas, TX 2 $1,000 Cash Tracker™
12/28  Electronics Store Evansville, IN 1 NR Cash Tracker™
12/28 Big Box Store Long Beach, CA 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
12/29 Dollar Store Del City, OK 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/29 Big Box Store Grand Prairie, TX 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
12/29  Pharmacy Philadelphia, PA 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/29 Pharmacy Houston, TX 4 $1,000 Cash Tracker™
12/30 Convenience Store Raleigh, NC 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
12/30 Electronics Store Houston, TX 2 $20,000 Phone Tracker™