Each month, 3SI shares highlights of crimes solved with the help of police and our Tracking Technology. Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld.


Amount Recovered / Arrests Summary
1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Oregon, OH – August 3

An armed suspect entered a bank to rob it of money and a Cash Tracker. Before fleeing, the suspect stole a vehicle to flee in. Law enforcement was quickly tracking and the suspect led them on a multi-jurisdiction chase that ended in his arrest and a full recovery of the stolen cash.

2 arrests
PharmaTracker® – South Milwaukee, WI – August 5

Two suspects broke into a pharmacy overnight and stole controlled substances and a PharmaTracker. Local law enforcement was logged in and tracking the device as the burglary occurred. After locating the suspects, who attempted to flee on foot, police captured them and a full recovery was made.

3 arrests
PharmaTracker® – Chicago, IL – August 9

Three suspects entered a beauty supply store and stole merchandise, including a PharmaTracker. The responding agency tracked the suspects until the device went stationary. Within seven minutes of the tracker activating, the police arrested all three suspects and made a full recovery.

3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Oviedo, FL – August 10

Two suspects entered a phone store and robbed it of cell phones and a Phone Tracker. As they jumped into their getaway vehicle, law enforcement was tracking their movements. The suspects fled to a nearby neighborhood with the intention of switching cars to continue their escape when the police showed up and arrested the original robbers plus the getaway driver. The suspects later confessed to four additional cell phone store robberies.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Raleigh, NC – August 13

A lone suspect robbed a bank of currency and a Cash Tracker. 3SI and the responding police agency tracked the device. When the device went stationary, the police apprehended the suspect. A full recovery was made.

2 arrests
Jewelry Tracker™ & Cash Tracker™ – Memphis, TN – August 15

Three suspects entered a pawn store and robbed it of money, jewelry, and a firearm. They also stole a Cash Tracker and two Jewelry Trackers during this event. The trackers instantly activated and alerted local law enforcement. After a pursuit, two of the subjects were taken into custody and a full recovery was made.

3 arrests
Tobacco Tracker™ – Houston, TX – August 22

Two suspects broke into a convenience store and stole tobacco products and a Tobacco Tracker. Local law enforcement was logged in and tracking until the device became stationary at a residence. The police arrested the suspects and recovered all of the stolen merchandise.

3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Okemos, MI – August 23

Three suspects robbed a phone store of electronic devices and a Phone Tracker. The responding agency was instantly notified and tracked the device. They recovered all of the stolen inventory and all three suspects were arrested.

2 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Houston, TX – August 26

Two suspects entered an electronics store and robbed it of cell phones and a Phone Tracker. 3SI and law enforcement tracked the device as the suspects crashed their car and fled on foot. They were quickly apprehended, and a full recovery was made.


Date Business Type City/State Arrests $ Recovered Device Type
8/1 Bank Columbia, SC 1 $420 Cash Tracker™
8/2 Electronics Store Atlanta, GA 3 $6,260 Phone Tracker™
8/2 Electronics Store Hillside, IL 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
8/3 Bank New Westminster, BC 1 Partial Recovery Cash Tracker™
8/5 Bank Lafayette, IN 1 $1,380 Cash Tracker™
8/5 Beauty Store Dallas, TX 1 $500 Asset Tracker
8/6 Bank Vancouver, BC 4 $2,315 Cash Tracker™
8/6 Bank Vancouver, BC 2 $445 Cash Tracker™
8/6 Convenience Store Wilkes-Barre, PA 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
8/7 Electronics Store Morrow, GA 2 $21,571 Phone Tracker™
8/7 Bank San Diego, CA 1 $3,425 Cash Tracker™
8/7 Bank Orlando, FL 1 $580 Cash Tracker™
8/7 Electronics Store San Bernardino, CA 2 Full Recovery Phone Tracker™             
8/8  Credit Union Beaumont, TX 1 $2,000 Cash Tracker™
8/8 Bank New York, NY 1 $608 Cash Tracker™
8/9  Credit Union Phoenix, AZ 2 $1,350 Cash Tracker™
8/12 Big Box Store Falcon, CO 2 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
8/12 Bank Sacramento, CA 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
8/12 Electronics Store Sacramento, CA 4 $7,546 Phone Tracker™
8/12 Restaurant Mesquite, TX 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
8/13 Beauty Store Chicago, IL 1 $4,000 PharmaTracker®
8/13 Big Box Store Union, SC 2 $20,000 Phone Tracker™
8/14 Bank Houston, TX 3 $10,000 Cash Tracker™
8/14 High End Retailer Glendale, CA 2 $3,900 Phone Tracker™
8/14 Bank Lakewood, CO 1 $1,671 Cash Tracker™
8/15 Electronics Store Houston, TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
8/15 Bank Lowell, MA 1 $600 Cash Tracker™
8/15 Convenience Store Raleigh, NC 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
8/15 Electronics Store Oklahoma City, OK 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
8/15 Bank Langley, BC 2 $445 Cash Tracker™
8/16 Electronics Store Brownsburg, IN 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
8/17 Convenience Store Indianapolis, IN 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
8/17 Bank Toronto, ON 1 $445 Cash Tracker™
8/18 Electronics Store Whitestown, IN 2 $20,000 Phone Tracker™
8/18 Big Box Store Suffolk, VA 2 $20,000 Phone Tracker™
8/19 Electronics Store El Paso, TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
8/19 Pool Supply Store Las Vegas, NV 2 $17,000  Asset Tracker
8/19 Electronics Store Chicago, IL 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
8/19 Electronics Store Oxon Hill, MD 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
8/20 Bank Anderson, SC 1 $2,400 Cash Tracker™
8/20 Convenience Store Baltimore, MD 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
8/21 Beauty Store Plano, TX 1 $500 PharmaTracker®
8/23 Beauty Store Chicago, IL 2 $2,000  Asset Tracker
8/23 Bank Phoenix, AZ 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
8/24 Big Box Store Greenville, NC 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
8/24 Big Box Store Boynton Beach, FL 3 $2,224 Phone Tracker™
8/27 Big Box Store Dallas, TX 1 $500 Phone Tracker™
8/28 Big Box Store Middletown, KY 1 $1,500 Phone Tracker™
8/28 Bank Buffalo, NY 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
8/29 Credit Union Vacaville, CA 0 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
8/29 Electronics Store Calgary, AB 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
8/30 Dollar Store Houston, TX 2 $200 Cash Tracker™