#SaferWorld Report PDF

March Numbers: 87 Arrests & $557,000+ Recovered
YTD Numbers: 265 Arrests & $2.2M+ Recovered

During this very challenging time, we find encouragement in the fact that our solutions continue to protect banks, credit unions, convenience stores, jewelers, pawn shops, electronics stores…you name it. Whether the locations are open, closed, or somewhere in between, our customers have one less thing to worry about because they know our technology is working 24/7 to protect their cash and inventory from those who would take advantage of the current situation.

Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld. Contact us to see how we can make your world safer, too!

Amount Recovered / Arrests Summary
1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – West Melbourne, FL – March 1

A suspect entered a bank branch and approached the teller line. He handed the teller a note announcing a robbery. He said, “Keep smiling, give me all the money in the drawer.” He was handed cash and a Cash Tracker. Cash Tracker alerted local police who responded. The suspect was quickly identified and attempted to flee but was easily apprehended by police. He remains in custody and the bank made a full recovery of all the stolen cash.

2 arrests
Cash Tracker™ – Houston, TX – March 2

Two suspects entered a drugstore at 10 p.m. and proceeded to rob the cash drawer. They also unknowingly took a Cash Tracker which reported their location to local police. Both suspects were arrested, and all the stolen cash was recovered.

2 arrests
Asset Tracker™ – San Jose, CA – March 6

Two suspects entered a beauty supply store late in the evening and stole a large quantity of perfume. They fled but didn’t realize they had also stolen an Asset Tracker. Police tracked and located the criminals and their car. They obtained a search warrant and recovered all the stolen perfume. Both suspects were arrested.

3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Pittsburg, CA – March 7

Three suspects came into a phone store at 10 p.m. They stole smartphones from inventory and fled. Luckily, there was a Phone Tracker hidden among the stolen items and police were able to track and apprehend all three suspects. All the stolen phones were also recovered.



PharmaTracker® – Castro Valley, CA – March 8

Four suspects robbed a pharmacy of a large amount of prescription painkillers. They fled on foot. The PharmaTracker included with the stolen pills alerted police who engaged in a foot chase and ultimately recovered all the stolen drugs.

1 arrest
ATM Tracker™ – Burlington, ON – March 9

When a lone suspect attacked at ATM at 3 a.m., he probably thought he had nothing to worry about. He would be wrong because the ATM he attacked was equipped with an ATM Tracker. As soon as he tried to open the machine, the ATM Tracker detected the attack and notified police. The suspect heard police approaching and fled before he could access any of the cash inside. The full amount of cash in the machine was protected thanks to ATM Tracker.

1 arrest



Cash Tracker™– Etobicoke, ON – March 11

An armed and disguised male suspect entered a bank branch carrying a bag. He pointed the gun at a teller while demanding money. He jumped over the gate and began removing money from two cash drawers. Luckily, he also stole 2 Cash Trackers. Police were immediately notified of the crime and, following a brief vehicle pursuit, the suspect rammed several police cars. He was apprehended and all the stolen cash was recovered. They also recovered two replica handguns and 3 sets of stolen license plates. The suspect has been implicated in at least 5 other bank robberies and 2 pharmacy robberies.

1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Buffalo, NY – March 13

A suspect robbed a convenience store of cash and was also given a Cash Tracker. Police successfully used the tracking data from Cash Tracker to locate and apprehend the robber. All the stolen cash was recovered.

Full Recovery

2 arrests

Cash Tracker™ – Fort Wayne, IN – March 13

Two suspects robbed a credit union branch and fled. Dispatchers gave police the tracking coordinates to locate and arrest both robbers. All the stolen cash was recovered.


3 arrests


Asset Tracker™ – Miami, FL – March 14

An ORC crew entered a beauty store on a busy Saturday night. They cleared out a shelf of high-end fragrances and fled the store. They also unknowingly stole an Asset Tracker which activated and gave police detailed tracking information. Police successfully moved in for the arrest and recovered all the stolen perfume.

Full Recovery

4 arrests

Tobacco Tracker™ – Baton Rouge, LA – March 17

Four suspects entered a convenience store at around 10 p.m. They stole cigarettes from the clerk and also took a Tobacco Tracker. Police were locked on and tracking and easily apprehended all four suspects. All the stolen cigarettes were also recovered.


3 arrests

Jewelry Tracker™ – Las Vegas, NV – March 17

At 7 a.m., three suspects broke into a jewelry store and stole merchandise. Little did they know that the store was using Jewelry Tracker to protect their inventory. After fleeing the store, police used the tracking information provided by Jewelry Tracker to track and apprehend the suspects. All the stolen items were also recovered.


4 arrests

Phone Tracker™ – Thurmont, MD – March 18

A female suspect entered a phone store and acted like a customer. The on-duty clerk grew suspicious of her and locked the front door. The clerk then went to the office to call 911. While the clerk was calling, three male suspects rushed the door, which the female had unlocked. At least one of the male suspects was armed with a handgun. He took control of the clerk while the other suspects loaded merchandise into suitcases that they had brought with them. Patrol units arrived on scene just as the suspects were leaving. They fled at a high rate of speed and the police used tracking data from the stolen Phone Trackers to find the suspects. The suspect vehicle ran out of gas and was quickly surrounded by police. All the suspects were from the New York area and were apprehended without incident. All the stolen merchandise was recovered.


4 arrests

ATM Tracker™ – Houston, TX – March 20

Four criminals attempted to break into an ATM at 2 a.m. The ATM Tracker protecting the machine detected the attack and alerted police, who quickly arrived on scene. All four suspects were arrested and while the ATM sustained some damage, they never breached the safe and none of the cash was stolen.


1 arrest

PharmaTracker® – Temecula, CA – March 22

A single suspect entered a drugstore and demanded drugs from the pharmacy. In addition to the drugs, he was given a PharmaTracker. Police were logged in and tracking and located the suspect. He was arrested and all the stolen drugs were recovered.


1 arrest

Asset Tracker™ – Wichita, KS – March 23

A suspect broke into a tool retailer’s store at 4 a.m. and stole a tool valued at almost $1500. The Asset Tracker protecting the tool reported the crime to police who arrived on scene in minutes. The criminal was apprehended just nine minutes after committing the crime.


1 arrest

Phone Tracker™ – Houston, TX – March 24

Two suspects robbed a phone store of a large number of smartphones. They also stole a Phone Tracker which reported their location to police. Police apprehended one of the robbers and are working to locate the other suspect. All the stolen phones, valued at over $57,000, were recovered.


3 arrests

Cash Tracker™ – Houston, TX – March 26

Three robbers entered a dollar store and stole cash from the register. They unknowingly got a Cash Tracker as well. Police used the tracking data to locate and arrest all three suspects. All the stolen cash was recovered.


2 arrests

Phone Tracker™ – Denville, NJ – March 29

Two suspects robbed a phone store and escaped with over $70,000 in stolen inventory. The Phone Tracker they also stole was reporting their location to police who successfully located and arrested both suspects. All the stolen phones and merchandise was recovered.


2 arrests

PharmaTracker® – Summerville, SC – March 31

Two criminals entered a drugstore and stole drugs from the pharmacy. Luckily, they also stole a PharmaTracker which reported tracking information to police. Both criminals were apprehended, and all the stolen drugs were recovered and kept off the streets.

Full Recovery

3 arrests

Cash Tracker™– Houston, TX – March 31

At midnight, three criminals broke into a check cashing store. They stole cash from the drawers and vault and escaped. However, the Cash Tracker they also stole alerted police who easily tracked and apprehended all three. All the stolen cash was recovered, and the suspects were in custody just 11 minutes after the Cash Tracker reported the crime.

Complete listing of March Successes

Date Business City State Arrests Recovery Device Type
3/1 Bank West Melbourne FL 1 $1,710 Cash Tracker™
3/2 Pharmacy Houston TX 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
3/2 Beauty Supply Store Hanford CA 1 $1,000 Asset Tracker™
3/2 Beauty Store Garland TX 1 $1,500 Fragrance Tracker™
3/4 Bank Coralville IA 1 $4,300 Cash Tracker™
3/6 Post Office Vateran AB 2 $500 Asset Tracker™
3/6 Convenience Store Durham NC 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
3/6 Beauty Store San Jose CA 2 $10,000 Fragrance Tracker™
3/7 Electronics Store Pittsburg CA 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
3/8 Bank Lake Grove NY 1 $1,500 Cash Tracker™
3/8 Pharmacy Castro Valley CA 0 $20,000 PharmaTracker®
3/8 Bank Coral Springs FL 2 $8,128 Cash Tracker™
3/9 Bank Burlington ON 0 Full Recovery ATM Tracker™
3/10  Convenience Store Camp Springs MD 1 $450 Cash Tracker™
3/10  Electronics Store Pearland TX 5 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
3/11 Bank Etobicoke ON 1 $5,500 Cash Tracker™
3/12  Electronics Store Houston TX 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
3/13  Convenience Store Buffalo NY 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
3/13 Credit Union Fort Wayne IN 2 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
3/13 Beauty Store Chicago IL 1 $1,000 Fragrance Tracker™
3/14 Bank Windsor ON 1 $0 Cash Tracker™
3/14 Electronics Store Roeland Park KS 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
3/14 Beauty Store Miami FL 3 $1,500 Fragrance Tracker™
3/16 Bank Colorado Springs CO 1 $2,471 Cash Tracker™
3/16 Beauty Store Dallas TX 1 $1,000 Fragrance Tracker™
3/16 Beauty Store Houston TX 4 $1,000 Fragrance Tracker™
3/17  Convenience Store Baton Rouge LA 4 $80 Tobacco Tracker™
3/17 Jeweler Las Vegas NV 3 $1,000 Asset Tracker™
3/17 Bank Gladwyne PA 0 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
3/18  Electronics Store Thurmont MD 4 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
3/18 Pharmacy Stittsville ON 2 $20,000 PharmaTracker®


3/19  Convenience Store Barrie ON 1 $80 Tobacco Tracker™
3/19  Electronics Store Davie FL 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
3/20 Bank Woodbridge CT 1 $8,809 Cash Tracker™
3/20 Bank Houston TX 4 $80,000 ATM Tracker™
3/21  Convenience Store Orleans ON 1 $80 Tobacco Tracker™
3/22  Electronics Store Salinas CA 3 $30,000 Phone Tracker™
3/22 Pharmacy Temecula CA 1 $20,000 PharmaTracker®
3/23  Convenience Store Atlanta GA 2 $80 Tobacco Tracker™
3/23 Bank Baltimore MD 1 $230 Cash Tracker™
3/23 Tool/Hardware Store Wichita KS 1 $1,499 Asset Tracker™
3/24  Electronics Store Houston TX 1 $57,540 Phone Tracker™
3/26 Bank Toronto ON 2 $1,955 Cash Tracker™
3/26 Dollar Store Houston TX 3 $500 Cash Tracker™
3/28 Dollar Store Memphis TN 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
3/29  Electronics Store Denville NJ 3 $71,343 Phone Tracker™
3/29 Big Box Store Mesa AZ 0 $500 Phone Tracker™
3/31 Pharmacy Summerville SC 2 $20,000 PharmaTracker®
3/31 Dollar Store Indianapolis IN 1 $324 Cash Tracker™
3/31 Check Cashing Store Houston TX 3 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
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