Protecting Cash

In Restaurant Registers and Safes

GPS Tracking to Stop Robberies and Burglaries

Restaurants do a large cash business. Criminals know this and target them for robberies and burglaries. Just perform an internet search for the term “Restaurant Robberies” and thousands upon thousands of results show up…many of them linking to frightening videos of violent armed robberies. Robbers like this continue to commit crimes until they are caught. Luckily, 3SI’s GPS Tracking solutions protect cash in all types of dining establishments. Whether you need to protect cash in registers, safes, vaults, or during transport to the bank or between locations, 3SI has a solution that will work for you. Our solutions recover stolen assets AND help police arrest the criminals so they stop committing crimes.

Over 130,000 Trackers Installed – 70% Apprehension and Recovery Rate in Retail Establishments

Cash Tracker™ and Cash Tracker™ Transit

Cash is always an attractive target. Cash Tracker protects cash in registers and safes where it silently tracks criminals so police can lock in on the target and move in for the arrest and recovery.

Store staff in restaurants who are responsible for transporting cash to the bank or other locations are vulnerable to robbery. Protect them with Cash Tracker – Transit, the perfect solution.

All 3SI GPS Cash Trackers…

  • Look like real cash – criminals can’t tell the difference
  • Notify customer and police of a theft – police are dispatched to apprehend criminals so restaurant staff stays safe and uninvolved
  • Are easy to set up and maintain – system is up and running in less than 20 minutes with no disruption to store activities
  • Can be used to protect inside registers, drive-through window registers, vaults and during cash transport