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Whether you are a small shop owner, or a big-box retail chain, a top concern is protecting your staff. Unfortunately, there are many scenarios where they face potential danger including:

  • During the opening & closing process: criminals rely on the fact that there are few staff members and no customers on-site, and frequently target these hours for robberies.
  • Parking lot crime: staff reporting to or leaving from work are vulnerable in dark, sometimes deserted parking lots.
  • Active threats: unfortunately we all see the news and know that workplace violence and domestic violence are both growing, and retail locations are frequently impacted.
  • Emergency situations: whether natural disasters, weather systems, civil unrest…many scenarios pose potential dangers to retail staff

phone view with screen of safebanker appTechnology is the answer

SafeResource is a safety system comprising an App, monitoring technology supported by a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), and audit/reporting of all recorded activities. What this means is that your staff have Panic Button with them ALL THE TIME.

With just two taps on their phone, staff are immediately connected to a SOC who will monitor and escalate the situation as needed. There’s no phone number to memorize, no worrying about reaching 911, no chance of missing an email announcement…everything your employees need to keep them safe & informed is literally at their fingertips.

Visit the SafeResource product page or request a demo today!

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