Tray Tracker™

Protects store inventory from robbery, theft and pilfering

The occurrence of robberies, shoplifting and internal theft numbers continue to rise. Employers need a way to combat this trend.

Tray Tracker, uses our reliable and proven tracking technology. Pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cigarettes…virtually any small to medium-sized item can be protected with our Tray Tracker. Law enforcement is automatically notified when a crime occurs and officers are able to locate and track the criminals, and recover the asset.

Tray Tracker can be purchased empty (just the tray itself), or 3SI can shrink-wrap the desired goods into the tray for you and provide everything to you “ready to go.”

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If a Theft Occurs…

Tray Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert upon motion. The GPS Tracking information is accessed by local law enforcement allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

  • Covert design
  • Motion trigger
  • Fully automatic and silent
  • Tracking location updates every 6 seconds
  • Daily battery self-checks with cellular connection
  • Bi-monthly health report with cellular connection
  • GPS location accurate within feet
  • Stores location data if cellular signal is lost during tracking
  • Tracking data stored for evidence
  • Text and email alerts
  • Secure website for live tracking
  • RF pinpoints final device location
  • Customizable packaging
  • Automatically tracks after activation
  • Quick and accurate location data
  • Multiple technologies pinpoint device location
  • Reliable performance in Urban Canyon areas
  • Do It Yourself friendly for install and charging
  • No cost law enforcement training and support
  • Collects data about product handling to help with staff training
  • Easy to use and maintain