(Scorpion Wireless Intelligent Security)

Protect Your Display Phone Inventory

Frequent iterations and increased prices have led to a rise in mobile display device theft nationwide. But, what if there were a solution that made the crimes of robbery and burglary less appealing? Enter SWIS, a tracking-enabled, device-disabling security application built on the latest technology. SWIS combines the power of wireless communication, a robust security app and 3SI’s tracking support to secure high-value electronic devices while on display. With SWIS, you can display your products –beautifully and securely–while cutting loss and increasing customer engagement and sales.

Cut the cord… 

Create the inviting atmosphere your customers expect while protecting your location from loss. SWIS sets a predefined  boundary around your displays. If the devices are moved out of the protected area, the devices will permanently shut down, making them inoperable and worthless to the criminal. Law Enforcement is notified and the device’s coordinates are tracked via a tracking support center until recovery is possible.

Protection without sacrifice…

SWIS provides a low cost solution to high-crime locations suffering from revenue loss due to theft of display devices. With SWIS’ remote monitoring functionality, the 24/7 tracking support center can quickly verify the position of live handheld devices on display from any location. The heartbeat monitoring feature allows SWIS to send distress notification alerts to designated staff via phone or email, keeping you in the know every step of the way.


Dazzle the Customer, Defeat the Thief…

SWIS’ anti-theft features protect display devices without limiting the customer experience. Now you can defeat the criminal with these great protection features exclusively from SWIS. If the device leaves the protected area, SWIS enacts:


  • 10 second warning mode before full alarm
  • Alarm and crime notification
  • Complete device lock-down
  • Quick front & back photo capturing
  • GPS tracking and coordinates
  • Police notification in high-value or violent crimes

Additional SWIS Features

  • Geo-radius technology
  • GPS tracking
  • 24/7 tech support
  • SMS & email notifications

Scorpion Wireless Intelligent Security (SWIS) is patented technology. SWIS is a trademark of Scorpion Security Products. 3SI is the exclusive distributor of SWIS.  For more information on this service please contact 3SI.


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