SNT Tracker™ (Slap-n-Track)

GPS tracking for vehicles, infrastructure, and long-term investigations

Our SNT Tracker offers the same features and advantages of Electronic Stake Out® (ESO®) and Asset Tracker™ with additional benefits including an extended battery life, rugged housing, and optional magnets. SNT is especially effective in tracking vehicles, cargo, and other large assets for extended periods of time.

If an event Occurs…

SNT automatically triggers depending on the options programmed. The Device owner receives an immediate text alert and can access full Tracking information, allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

  • Two size options
  • Water resistant and rugged case – Rated IP 67
  • Available with or without magnets
  • Real-time ping
  • Configurable trigger sensitivity, update rates, and interval reporting
  • Configurable (Geo) Fences
  • GPS location accurate within feet
  • RF pinpoints final Device location
  • Tracking data stored for evidence
  • Text and email alerts
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Secure website for live tracking
  • Zip tie slots for deploying on non-magnetic surfaces (Standard size only)
  • Perfect for covert and mobile applications
  • Automatically tracks after trigger
  • Can link multiple devices to specific fence locations
  • Can suppress alerts in geo-fenced locations
  • Device hibernation and wake up programmable to save battery
  • Stores location data if cellular signal is lost during tracking
  • Reliable performance in Urban Canyon areas
  • Highly configurable to meet the type of crime and battery life needed