Protects guards and valuables during pavement transport

Guards who are responsible for transporting cash and valuables for banks, retailers and other businesses are vulnerable to robbery, especially during pavement transport. SecuriTrans is the perfect solution because it offers a deterrent as well as audible and visual indicators if a crime takes place. Thanks to SecuriTrans, guards and the valuables they transport will stay safe.

Protects against 3 attack scenarios:

SecuriTrans protects against 3 types of attacks, proximity, forced entry and timeout.

  • Proximity – Guards carry fobs paired with the bag. If the fob becomes separated from the bag, for instance if a robber grabs the bag and runs, the alarm and smoke will be triggered.
  • Forced Entry – If a robber steals the bag and tries to open it while it is armed, an internal light sensor detects even a small amount of light and the alarm and smoke will be triggered.
  • Trip Timeout – Bags are programmed to automatically alarm if the trip goes over the timer. The time is programmable by the customer.


  • Logo deterrent to discourage attacks
  • Loud audible alarm (110dB at 3ft) and white smoke draw attention to attack
  • Can be paired with one or two fobs depending on need
  • All log files downloadable for review and analysis
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Durable 1000D nylon outer shell and heavy-duty zipper to stand up to abuse
  • Synthetic “tuff hide” paneling