Monitors and protects the interiors of cash machines against a wide range of attacks

Globally, ATMs and similar machines are under ongoing threat from many types of attacks. SecuriSense is an innovative solution to detect and deter against attacks such as cutting, drilling, grinding, hammering, pull out or explosive gas. It continuously monitors the ATM, and if an attack is detected, the unit triggers and communicates with the ATM or an interfaced solution.

If a Theft Occurs…

SecuriSense will detect the attack and communicate with the ATM or to an interfaced solution, such as 3SI’s Tracing System (SecuriDab LT) or GPS Tracking System (ATM Tracker). The system can optionally activate sirens or flashing lights, and/or display a message on the ATM screen to inform the criminal that the attack has been detected. SecuriSense…adding intelligence to cash machine protection.
  • Compact design
  • Detects explosive gas, drilling, cutting, and pull out attacks
  • Additional outputs and CAN BUS to interface to other 3SI protection systems
  • No programming/configuration needed on site
  • Dedicated outputs for connection to 3rd party security systems
  • Easily fits inside the safe of most cash machines
  • Offers a wide range of protection against most common attack types
  • Easy plug-and-protect
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Fully compatible with 3SI’s “Layered Security” approach and solutions