SecuriDab® LT

Protects cash in ATMs and cash machines with ink-staining technology

ATMs and cash machines are a growing target for criminals worldwide. With the potential of a large payoff, thieves use all types of devices from blow torches to power tools to explosives to access the cash inside. SecuriDab LT offers an economical and easy-to-install method to protect these machines. Designed for use in non-homologated countries, SecuriDab LT will detect a variety of types of attacks and reliably stain the cash inside the ATM rendering it worthless to criminals. The system is efficient and designed to avoid accidental activation.
  • Automatically stains the cash when the machine is attacked
  • Provides protection against ram raids and grinding attacks
  • Technology is integrated into the lid or body of the cassette and is invisible to both customers and criminals
  • Cassettes are easily identified by industry acknowledged labeling
  • State-of-the-art inks with markers guarantee optimal staining performance and traceability
  • Clear visual and audible signals are easy for staff to operate during normal daily use
  • Compatible with popular electronic locks and automatically arms and disarms the cash cassettes, removing the need to manage physical keys or remote controls
  • Simple integration by customers either as a preassembled solution or as an easy-to-configure kit of parts
  • Cassettes are configured to allow extensive connectivity with the machine and external alarm systems. Flexible architecture provides for futureproof add-ons of emerging anti-fraud sensing technology
  • System can be linked to an existing alarm, the cash dispenser, and the safe’s electronic lock to provide a multi-layered security solution