MTVP™ (Motion Triggered Vault Pack)

Protects large amounts of vault or safe cash from robberies and burglaries

Safes are a popular target for criminals because large amounts of cash are collected in one place. Moreover, most standard safes offer only a limited range of protection levels, which simplifies the criminal’s task. Vaults and safes store large amounts of money so they are frequently targeted by thieves. In many cases, traditional security measures such as enhanced locks or CCTV are not enough to protect these assets.

3SI designed the MTVP to deter vault and safe robberies. This solution is motion-activated to detect when a theft is occurring. Once safely outside of the building, the MTVP releases red smoke, red dye, and (optionally) tear gas. This combination will cause the thief to abandon the stolen cash and make it easier for law enforcement and eye witnesses to identify the culprit. Because of the large amounts of cash involved, the MTVP is equipped with double the red smoke and dye to make the solution stronger.

Thousands of clients are using the MTVP solution with confidence…learn more about how this solution can protect your valuable safe or vault-stored assets.