ATM Tracker™

Protects the ATM and cash against attack. Tracks the stolen machine for police to pinpoint the location for capture and recovery

ATMs, whether standalone or drive up, or small ATM machines located in pharmaciesconvenience stores, outside events, etc. are targeted by criminals. Thieves use trucks, nearby construction equipment or hand carts to steal the ATM with the goal of taking the cash inside.

ATM Tracker is a fully automatic solution that silently and immediately notifies local law enforcement of the pull-out crime as it occurs. ATM Tracker will track the ATM, cash and criminals during their escape. This highly effective solution has recovered 95% of all stolen ATM cash and has led to criminal apprehension.

If a Theft Occurs…

4XG ATM Tracker automatically triggers a silent theft alert to police and 3SI. The tracking information is accessed by local law enforcement allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

  • Automatically detects attack via tilt, motion, or other sensors
  • Location updates every 6 seconds to allow precise positioning tracking
  • GNSS/GPS, Cellular and Wifi tracking options provide precise location reporting
  • Conserves battery when external power is disconnected
  • External sensors can be integrated for additional attack response and machine status updates
  • Reliable performance ensured via daily Device health check with cellular connection
  • Secure website for live tracking ensures integrity of client information
  • Text and email notifications
  • Stores data if cellular signal is lost to preserve track data
  • RF to pinpoint final Device location

Note: The 4XG ATM Tracker utilizes GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and is currently offered in the U.S. only. For other countries, we offer the NextGen3 ATM Tracker which utilizes GPS (Global Positioning System). For more information on this product, please contact 3SI.