Removing habitual offenders from the community through targeted arrests, and thus preventing them from committing additional crimes, is part of the modern-day community policing philosophy.

To support law enforcement’s crime prevention strategies through proactive policing, 3SI offers GPS tracking technology. The Electronic StakeOut® (ESO®) GPS Tracking System helps to stop ongoing crime and the criminals responsible for them.

Deployed in whatever property is a “hot” item, the technology allows apprehensions to be quickly made.
Offenders are removed from the community and crime rates drop.

This form of proactive policing allows law enforcement to determine targets based on serial crime patterns… a #SaferWorld through tracking, arresting and recovering.

Written by Richard Long, (Ret.) Detective Services Commander of Newport Beach PD in California, read the full article, hosted by Police Chief Magazine.

14k + criminals apprehended with proactive policing