Protect Your Pharmacy Against Robberies

GPS tracking to protect your store, your staff and your customers

Pharmacies continue to face a growing trend of robberies, and they are becoming increasingly violent. Protecting your product, your customers and your staff safe is more important than ever. 3SI’s GPS Tracking technology is available in multiple designs to protect all parts of your store. Trackers are easy to set up and maintain…the system is up and running in less than 20 minutes with no disruption to your regular store activities!

Over 120,000 Trackers Installed – 70% Apprehension and Recovery Rate in Retail Establishments

If a Theft Occurs…

PharmaTracker® and Cash Tracker™ detect the crime and silently report to police and 3SI. Law enforcement tracks and apprehends the criminal resulting in the recovery of the stolen drug products and cash.

  • Technology is designed to be invisible to criminals
  • Thieves are unaware they are being tracked
  • Triggers automatically on motion (and tilt for PharmaTracker) – no staff intervention required
  • Minimal maintenance: quarterly battery charging

Why does your pharmacy need protection?

  • Increasing number of addicts creates strong market for stolen drugs
  • Street value of drugs is higher than cash so criminals target drugs
  • Some robbers are addicts so they have the potential to be unpredictable or violent
  • You want to stay customer-friendly and avoid barrier-type protection like bars or service windows
  • All controlled substances must be accounted for, even after a robbery: missing drugs create a paperwork nightmare

3SI’s GPS Tracking Solutions offer the following benefits:

Interested in protecting the cash in your pharmacy? Ask about our Cash Tracker and PharmaTracker.

  • Covert – criminals and customers have no idea tracking is being used
  • Proven solution – over 100,000 trackers installed worldwide
  • Easy to install – up and running in less than 15 minutes
  • Over 70%+ apprehension and inventory recovery rate
  • Fully automatic – no intervention required from staff to activate trackers
  • Over 7,000 law enforcement agencies are trained to respond and apprehend/recover
  • Recovery of stolen items keeps illegal drugs off the streets and provides chain of evidence/control
  • Criminal apprehension stops downstream crime

3SI partners with Pharmacists Mutual to offer policyholder discounts. Ask your agent for more information.