Protect Your Pawn Shop Against Robberies

GPS Tracking Solutions to stop crime in your pawn store

Pawn shops are the perfect target for robbers and thieves because of the wide range of products sold. Anything from gold, jewelry, electronics, cameras, to audio equipment and much more all prove tempting to criminals.

3SI’s GPS solutions are covertly packaged to be disguised from criminals. They automatically and silently report the crime so robbers are unaware that law enforcement has been notified. With a 70%+ apprehension and recovery rate and more than 9,000 law enforcement agencies and dispatchers fully trained, you can’t go wrong. We’ve got a firm hold on security solutions.

It’s Like Having an Undercover Security Guard and Recovery Specialist in your Store 24/7!

Jewelry Tracker

Protects jewelry in the event of a robbery or burglary by helping law enforcement track and capture the criminals, recover stolen jewelry and deter future crime. Pawn owners utilize this proven solution to protect rings, chains and other jewelry at their shops.

Asset Tracker

Criminals target all kinds of items to steal…to protect special items, such as electronics, cameras, audio equipment, etc., Asset Tracker is hidden inside the item to be protected and automatically activates when motion is detected.

Cash Tracker

Cash is always an attractive target. Cash Tracker protects cash in registers and vaults where it silently tracks criminals so police can lock in on the target and move in for the arrest and recovery.

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