$34,000 Recovered

2 arrests

Cash Tracker – Cincinnati, OH – Jan 2
An armed male suspect entered a credit union, demanded cash and fled on foot. Police were silently alerted and began tracking. Within minutes, the suspect was apprehended, and all the cash was recovered.
$100,000 Recovered

4 arrests

Jewelry Tracker™ – Huntsville, AL – Jan 5
Four armed males conducted a smash-and-grab robbery at an upscale jewelry store. Before escaping, they also stole the security officer’s weapon. Luckily, Jewelry Tracker was on the job and police quickly learned that they were headed out of Alabama towards Georgia. 3SI’s Tracking Support Center coordinated police response between jurisdictions to ensure the criminals did not get away. Due to outstanding coordination and cooperation, the robbers were stopped and arrested. The entire track was more than 200 miles and took close to five hours…but police prevailed and the robbers are in jail.
$208,389 Recovered

2 arrests

ATM Tracker™ – Phoenix, AZ – Jan 6
Two criminals used tools to commit an ATM pullout theft. ATM Tracker alerted police that the ATM had left its installed location. Police arrested both thieves and recovered the stolen ATM just 14 minutes later! The bank made a full recovery of over $200K from the stolen machine!
$35,000 Recovered

2 arrests

Cash Tracker™ – Spring, TX – Jan 6
Two suspects entered a bank, demanded cash from the teller and then fled by car. Cash Tracker alerted police who tracked and apprehended the suspects in a residential neighborhood within minutes of the robbery. All the money was recovered.
$50,000 Recovered

2 arrests

Phone Tracker™– Vernon, CT – Jan 25
Two suspects robbed a wireless store and fled by car. Phone Tracker enabled police to immediately lock in on their location. When the individuals became stationary, police moved in. Both suspects were arrested, and all the merchandise was recovered.
Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker™ – Sardis, BC – Jan 25
A disguised, armed male robbed a convenience store of a large quantity of cigarettes and some cash. A Tobacco Tracker was included in the cigarettes. He fled to a waiting vehicle driven by another male. Responding police utilizing the track data supplied by the TSC subsequently located the suspect’s vehicle and followed it. The suspects spotted the police and a chase ensued. The suspects eventually abandoned the vehicle and the stolen merchandise. The investigation is ongoing.
$20,000 Recovered

1 arrest


Pharma Tracker® – Saskatoon, SK – Jan 25
A male armed with a knife robbed a store of narcotics and cash. Responding Police officers utilizing the track data supplied by the TSC, located the suspect and made the arrest. The device and stolen product were recovered and have been returned to the store.

Other January 2019 Successes


Date Business Type City/State Arrests $ Recovered Device Type
1/2 Credit Union Cincinnati, OH 1 $2,437 Cash Tracker
1/2 Bank Tacoma, WA 1 $2,900 Cash Tracker
1/2 Tool/Equipment Store Memphis, TN 1 $1,027 Asset Tracker
1/2 Convenience Store Kanata, ON 1 Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker
1/2 Dept. Store Wauwatosa, WI 1 $6,000 Asset Tracker
1/3 Big Box Store Windsor, CA 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/3 Bank Charlotte, NC 1 $500 Cash Tracker
1/3 Bank Dallas, TX 1 $500 Cash Tracker
1/3 Electronics Store Smithfield, NC 1 $11,800 Phone Tracker
1/3 Electronics Store Minneapolis, MN 2 $60,000 Phone Tracker
1/4 Convenience Store Houston, TX 2 $500 Cash Tracker
1/5 Convenience Store Edmonton, AB 1 Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker
1/5 Dollar Store Indianapolis, IN 2 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/5 Big Box Store Ellicott City, MD 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/5 Electronics Store Montgomery, AL 1 $28,000 Phone Tracker
1/6 Bank Spring, TX 2 $35,000 Cash Tracker
1/6 Electronics Store Nashville, TN 1 $10,000 Phone Tracker
1/6 Electronics Store Milwaukee, WI 3 $15,046 Phone Tracker
1/6 Convenience Store Ottawa, ON 1 Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker
1/8 Mailbox Stony Plain, AB 1 $500 Asset Tracker
1/8 Tool/Equipment Store White Bear Lake, MN 1 Full Recovery Asset Tracker
1/8 Tool/Equipment Store Charlotte, NC 0 $2,209 Asset Tracker
1/8 Bank Boise, ID 1 $2,850 Cash Tracker
1/9 Bank Toronto, ON 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/9 Bank Surrey, BC 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/10 Electronics Store Beaumont, TX 1 $500 Cash Tracker
1/10 Electronics Store Calumet City, IL 4 $12,177 Phone Tracker
1/11 Tool/Equipment Store Madison, TN 2 Full Recovery Asset Tracker
1/11 Bank Halethorpe, MD 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/11 Convenience Store Houston, TX 1 $500 Cash Tracker
1/11 Big Box Store Albany, NY 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/13 Convenience Store Fort Worth, TX 5 $500 Phone Tracker
1/14 Bank Waterford, TX 1 $1,473 Cash Tracker
1/14 Dollar Store Del City, OK 1 $500 Cash Tracker
1/15 Electronics Store Tempe, AZ 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
1/15 Big Box Store Statesboro, GA 2 $500 Phone Tracker
1/15 Big Box Store Manning, SC 4 $10,000 Phone Tracker
1/15 Pharmacy Hamilton, ON 0 $20,000 Pharma Tracker
1/16 Dollar Store Indianapolis, IN 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/16 Big Box Store Elk River, MN 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/17 Big Box Store Danbury, CT 2 Full Recovery Asset Tracker
1/17 Big Box Store Savannah, GA 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/17 Electronics Store Tarrant, AL 2 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/18 Convenience Store Hilton Head, SC 5 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/18 Big Box Store Humble, TX 2 $500 Asset Tracker
1/18 Big Box Store Mesquite, TX 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/18 Pharmacy Hickory, NC 2 $34,000 Pharma Tracker
1/21 Big Box Store Wichita, KS 0 $500 Phone Tracker
1/22 Jewelry Store Houston, TX 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker
1/23 Electronics Store Grand Prairie 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
1/24 Convenience Store Lancaster, TX 1 $500 Cash Tracker
1/25 Convenience Store Sardis, BC 0 $976 Phone Tracker
1/25 Electronics Store Vernon, CT 2 $50,000 Phone Tracker
1/26 Pharmacy Indianapolis, IN 2 $4,800 Pharma Tracker
1/26 Electronics Store Brockton, MA 3 $24,763 Phone Tracker
1/26 Pharmacy Saskatoon, SK 1 $20,000 Pharma Tracker
1/27 Electronics Store Chicago, IL 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
1/27 Electronics Store London, KY 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
1/29 Electronics Store Chicago, IL 1 $30,000 Phone Tracker
1/29 Big Box Store Moncks Corner, SC 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/31 Bank Philadelphia, PA 1 $1,600 Cash Tracker
1/31 Electronics Store Homewood, IL 1 $500 Phone Tracker
1/31 Electronics Store Houston, TX 2 $2,500 Phone Tracker

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