New features improve tracking capability and add to the flexibility in applications

Malvern, PA, May 15, 2020: Electronic StakeOut® (ESO®), already used by law enforcement agencies throughout North America, has been released in 4G to ensure compatibility as network providers phase out the 3G system. To maximize customer benefit, 3SI incorporated additional new features to enhance the unit’s feature set and performance.

The ESO 4XG device uses both GNSS and WiFi technology for location tracking.  GNSS (vs. GPS-only) provides access to a greater number of satellites and means that the device is more likely to establish a GPS location quickly. This provides police tracking data sooner and helps them more quickly locate the device while leading to a higher likelihood of capturing the suspect. If a GNSS location is not available, the technology sniffs local WiFi information for location reporting, which also increases the likelihood of a successful track.

Agencies use ESO to increase efficiency by freeing officers from needlessly sitting on long stakeouts. From protecting bikes on campuses, to stopping porch pirates, to catching thieves stealing from cars… there are many possible applications. To accommodate these options, ESO has a wide range of customizable settings, such as trigger options, geofences, location update rate, multiple alert settings, and much more.

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