As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues, branches are facing real challenges… how can you identify who’s a criminal when everyone is wearing a mask?

Short answer: You probably can’t.

It’s never been easier for criminals to go undetected.

GPS Tracking Doesn’t Rely on Facial Recognition or CCTV

Tellers simply include a Cash Tracker with the cash given to the robbers. The criminals think they’ve been successful and flee the branch without incident. Cash Tracker automatically notifies local law enforcement of the crime, and officers receive detailed tracking data so they can locate and apprehend the criminal. It’s a simple, proven solution that works.

Law Enforcement Response

3SI Technology is directly linked to local law enforcement. Dispatchers are notified of the crime and vector police response. With superior situational awareness, law enforcement can surveil and safely track suspects without endangering passersby or other motorists. Our technology achieves better than a 70% success rate, far exceeding other security solutions.

Avoid Risks and Challenges

The first line of defense against crime is prevention. Taking a layered approach to prevention can be effective, with BR glass, video surveillance, and other common asset protection tools all playing an important role. But these solutions may not be effective when wearing masks is the “new normal”.

Camera Effectiveness

The effectiveness of cameras is at an all-time low due to masks eliminating identification.

Community Support

Banks and Credit Unions are supporting their communities with COVID-19 relief efforts. Help your community further by preventing violence and future robbery activity with proven tracking solutions.

Operational Support

Support public relations, brand integrity, and customer relationships.

Guard Obstacles

Lowered branch staff levels may have you thinking to hire guards, which are expensive and adds the perception of uncertainty. Desperate and determined robbers may still strike, leading to potential violence.

Trusted Security

During security incidents, reliable tracking solutions aid staff to stay safe by allowing them to comply with the robbers’ demands.

Legal Aid

Avoid liability issues that could lead to legal ramifications.

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