Keep Your Convenience Store Safe

GPS Trackers To Protect Your Property, Customers & Your Staff

Crime against convenience stores is NOT a new story…every day the headlines are filled with more stories about robberies and theft against C-Stores. The staggering growth in Organized Retail Crime has made tobacco a particularly attractive target as its high price makes it profitable for resale. Keeping your store safe in the face of all these challenges isn’t easy. Luckily, 3SI Security Systems offers customized solutions just for convenience stores.

Our tracking devices are up and running to protect your store in less than 20 minutes! No special equipment or training is needed…simple, economical solutions that WORK.

Over 130,000 Trackers Installed – 70%+ Apprehension and Recovery Rate in Retail Establishments! Check out our successes…

Cash Tracker™
Cash is always an attractive target. Cash Tracker protects cash in registers and vaults where it silently tracks criminals so police can lock in on the target and move in for the arrest and recovery.

Tobacco Tracker™
As the price of cigarettes continues to rise, so will thefts and the cost associated with them. Annual losses of tobacco are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tobacco Tracker is hidden with your other tobacco products, so thieves won’t suspect that they are actually taking a tracking device.

Asset Tracker™
Criminals target all kinds of items to steal… to protect special items, such as electronics, smartphones, video games, or high-end liquor, Asset Tracker is hidden inside the item to be protected and automatically activates when motion is detected.

3SI is proud to be a member of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS).