Full Recovery and Bank Robber Arrested!

On July 19, 2018, two banks within just 1/2 mile of each other were robbed…one branch was a Cumberland Valley National Bank (CVNB) branch. CVNB’s Security Officer, Joe Schenkenfelder, recalls the robbery, and how pleased community members were to learn that 3SI’s SecurityPac dye packs were installed at CVNB’s branch. Why were they so pleased?

“The other financial institution robbed just 15 minutes prior to ours didn’t have 3SI dye packs, but was thankful Cumberland Valley National Bank did.”

CVNB tellers took action during the robbery, handing two SecurityPac dye packs to the robber giving him a “double dose”. “The 3SI dye pack tear gas impaired the robber and foiled his escape, just as it was designed to do.”

Law enforcement quickly made the arrest a short distance from the branch, recovering a hand gun and all of the stolen money totaling $14,540. CVNB was pleased to report that no employees or customers had any injuries from the incident.

Joe Schenkenfelder has worked with 3SI in his branches for over 15 years and he is a strong supporter of SecurityPac. Read the whole testimonial letter here: PDF