Cash Machine Protection

Protect Your Cash Machines Against Attack with Advanced GPS Tracking or Staining Technologies

3SI offers a range of flexible solutions that are specifically adapted to protect ATMs and other types of CDU Designs.

ATMs and all types of cash machines are targeted by criminals. Standalone, drive up, and smaller machines located in pharmacies, convenience stores, outside events, are vulnerable to attack. Thieves use trucks, nearby construction equipment or hand carts to break into or steal the ATM with the goal of taking the cash inside. Luckily, 3SI offers multiple security solutions to protect all types of machines.

It’s Like Having A Security Guard Around The Clock.

3SI offers two types of protection, GPS Tracking and Ink and Dye Staining:

ATM Tracker™ is a fully automatic GPS Tracking solution that silently and automatically notifies local law enforcement when it detects tilt/and or motion. ATM Tracker will track the ATM, cash and criminals during their escape. This highly effective solution has recovered 95% of all stolen ATM cash and has lead to many criminal apprehensions.

Cash Tracker™ provides an easy to access solution to protect the cash in manned CDUs and similar machines during a robbery.

Cash Tracker™ – Cassette protects cash machines and the cash inside. The tracker is covertly integrated with the other cash in the cassette. It protects the cassette and the cash inside. This solutions is ideal for ATM deployers who replenish and manage their own machine networks.

SecuriDab® LT is economical and easy-to-install. Designed for use in non-homologated countries, SecuriDab LT detects a variety of types of attacks (pull out, unauthorized opening and break-in attacks). After detection, it stains the cash inside the ATM, making it worthless to criminals. The system is efficient and designed to avoid accidental activation.