PDF: Read how Custom Communications Wireless Retailer Uses Phone Tracker

“Phone Tracker’s been a great product. Customer Service has been exceptional. Anytime I’ve ever had any questions, concerns, or issues that need to be addressed, 3SI has always been very receptive. You have been proactive on your end as far as reporting any low batteries or any issues with any device, so that’s always been appreciated!” Gabe Martin Custom Communications Wireless Retailer Director of Asset Protection 

LOCATION: Midwest, 90+ stores

CHALLENGE: Overnight break-ins and armed robberies where thieves take sellable inventory in both metro and suburban areas

SOLUTION: Phone Tracker GPS tracking devices notify law enforcement of the theft and recover stolen inventory

RESULTS: 100% of the phone inventory has been recovered in two theft events where Phone Tracker was installed / Approximately $30,000 in stolen phones recovered since the program began

Custom Communications, a national authorized retailer and AT&T partner with locations mostly in the mid-west, currently has over 90 stores. In 2016, they experienced a rash of overnight break-ins, where expensive smart phone devices and similar inventory were targeted. Gabe Martin, Director of Asset Protection and Emergency Operations for Custom Communications, heard about Phone Tracker from other authorized retailers and AT&T corporate asset protection staff. “Retailers who had experienced similar crimes said the product has been very useful and they’ve gotten some good recoveries using it… that’s what turned me on to it.” Eager for a solution to these crimes, Mr. Martin and his management counterparts decided to give the technology a try.

Custom Communications installed Phone Trackers in 10 high-risk stores in Central and South Chicago metro areas where they were having a lot of problems. The retailer experienced robberies in two stores where Phone Tracker was installed:

July 2016: Overnight break-in where both robbers were arrested and all of the stolen phones were recovered, totaling $22,000.
June 2017: Armed robbery where eight smart-phones were stolen, including Phone Tracker. All of the phones were recovered, valued at $6,500, and the dangerous robber was arrested.

Custom Communications then began to see a spike in armed robberies at locations in the suburbs of Chicago. To combat these robberies, they installed Phone Trackers in the entire Chicago market, totaling 23 locations. “We started seeing a group performing armed robberies against our locations and they were hitting the outlying suburbs of Chicago. Traditionally, it’s our metro locations getting hit the most.” By securing the Chicago market with 3SI GPS trackers, Custom Communications hopes to help protect their locations and deter future crime.

More about GPS Tracking
Phone Tracker uses our proven GPS Tracking technology to protect smart phone inventory by providing tracking information to law enforcement in the event of a crime. Features of the Phone Tracker include the following:

  • The tracker activates when stolen so the theft is automatically detected…employees don’t have to take any action with Phone Tracker.
  • Using 3SI’s secure website, the criminal is tracked, allowing police to locate and apprehend the suspect.
  • Typically, felons are caught within 20-30 minutes of committing the crime.
  • Trackers take less than 20 minutes to install so stores are protected right away.

ustom Communications has had significant success in recovering stolen electronic devices. Over the past year, they have recovered 100% of their stolen property totaling approximately $30,000. 3SI GPS tracking devices are designed to protect retailers 24/7. 3SI provides support from the criminal event through to the apprehension. This collaborative relationship allowed 3SI and the customer to:

  • Install Phone Tracker in targeted high-risk stores where crime is abundant.
  • Train police to respond to crime events involving 3SI trackers.
  • Assist law enforcement to apprehend the suspect and recover the stolen assets.

With an overall retail success rate of 70%+ for apprehension and asset recovery, 3SI Trackers are a proven, covert and inexpensive option to protect valuable inventory.

Wireless Store Solutions
Wireless retail stores are frequently targeted for crime – smart phone or tablet devices, cash, accessories… there are many items that attract criminals. Visit our ‘Phone Tracker Solutions’ page to learn more.