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GoWireless has realized significant success in recovering stolen products. Over the past two years, they have recovered over $500,000 in stolen product.

“I was skeptical at first, not knowing the full potential of the unit. But now, I call Phone Tracker™ the ‘Magic Box’.” 
Andiamo Frelix, Director of Loss Prevention
GoWireless Premium Wireless Retailer


The high demand for smartphones led to rapid growth in the number of wireless retail locations. GoWireless, a Verizon retailer with locations throughout U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii, currently has 660 stores. Like many wireless retail stores, GoWireless was experiencing robberies and burglaries where expensive smartphone devices and similar inventory were targeted and stolen by criminals.

GoWireless Director of Loss Prevention, Andiamo Frelix, has worked in LP for 21 years. His background as a police officer provided him with the perfect experience to address crime problems and find workable solutions. He joined GoWireless about five years ago and finds the electronics business quite interesting; he notes that “in my police experience, I found that there are seasons of robberies; however, the cell phone business is different. Theft is a year-round problem because smartphones are so liquid.” Regular thieves easily resell smartphones on the street or black market and organized retail crime rings resell the devices online. The overwhelming demand makes them profitable items to steal and crime at phone stores is on the rise.

Eager for a solution to these crimes, Mr. Frelix heard about Phone Tracker and decided to give the technology a try.

The Program

GoWireless installed Phone Trackers in a trial run in two high-risk stores, one of which was being robbed regularly, about every other month. They had a success where all of the stolen phones were recovered within just a month or two of installing the trackers, so they decided to roll out the Phone Tracker program company wide. Besides recouping the losses that they were experiencing, they have also lowered their insurance premiums due to the savings from not having to replace stolen inventory. Another (and unexpected) benefit, according to Mr. Frelix, is that overall crime at their stores is down…he believes this is because the word has gotten out that GoWireless stores are using trackers and criminals are looking to other, easier targets. With a criminal apprehension rate of over 70%, the fact that criminals are being caught can also contribute to a reduction in future or “downstream” crime.

More about GPS Tracking

Phone Tracker uses our proven GPS Tracking technology to protect smartphone inventory by providing tracking information to law enforcement in the event of a crime. Features of the Phone Tracker include the following:

  • The tracker activates on motion so the theft is automatically detected…employees don’t have to take any action with Phone Tracker.
  • Using 3SI’s secure website, the criminal is tracked, allowing police to locate and apprehend the suspect.
  • Typically, felons are caught within 20-30 minutes of committing the crime.
  • Trackers take less than 20 minutes to install so stores are protected right away.


GoWireless has realized significant success in recovering stolen products. Over the past two years, they have recovered over $500,000 in stolen product.

3SI GPS tracking devices are designed to protect retailers 24/7. 3SI provides support from the criminal event through to the apprehension. This collaborative relationship allowed 3SI and the customer to:

  • Install Phone Tracker company-wide.
  • Train police to respond to crime events using 3SI trackers.
  • Assist law enforcement to apprehend the suspect and recover the stolen assets.

With an overall retail success rate of 70%+ for apprehension and asset recovery, 3SI Trackers are a proven, covert and inexpensive option to protect valuable inventory.

PDF of Case Study

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