PDF: Read how The Cellular Connection (TCC) Uses Phone Tracker

“The ROI is abundantly clear, especially in our industry where you can have tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise taken in a single crime. All it takes is one successful recovery and [the program] pays for itself.” Wes Gray, Loss Prevention Manager


The Cellular Connection (TCC) is a Verizon retailer with about 1,000 stores throughout 42 states. Like many electronics retailers, TCC was experiencing a high number of robberies and burglaries of smartphones. These crimes cause significant losses and can endanger customers and staff as the robberies are sometimes violent. Wes Gray, Loss Prevention Manager, knew that stopping these crimes would be a top priority. So he and his team researched the many security options available to them. They learned about 3SI’s Phone Tracker and decided to give the product a try.

The Program

TCC installed Phone Trackers in 20 stores as a pilot. Gray states, “The trial clearly worked as we now have Phone Tracker installed in about 200 stores.” TCC is continually growing the program by using a two-part decision process to prioritize Phone Tracker installations:

  1. Geographical areas TCC struggles with crime
  2. Risk indicators and assessment from CAP Index

Stores that meet the risk criteria are prioritized for installation of Phone Tracker. This data is continuously updated because crime trends change and criminal activity can migrate, and TCC wants to stay ahead of the criminals.


TCC has realized significant success.

  • Recovering over $60,000 in stolen product.
  • 100% of the phone inventory has been recovered in two theft events where Phone Tracker was installed
  • Solidified strong partnership with law enforcement and ORC organizations

3SI GPS tracking devices are designed to protect retailers 24/7. 3SI provides support from the criminal event through to the apprehension. This collaborative relationship allowed 3SI and the customer to:

  • Continually grow the TCC program: Phone Tracker is currently installed in approximately 1,000 stores.
  • Support law enforcement to help apprehend suspects and reduce future “downstream” crime
  • Help recover the stolen assets.

TCC and 3SI are proud to partner with law enforcement and ORC organizations to close the gap on criminal activity. After a crime occurs, the GPS track data is stored on 3SI’s secure website, making it easy to share with law enforcement showing where other crimes may be occurring or have occurred. “If someone is stealing phones from our stores and running to a certain location, there may be other crimes going on there as well”, states Mr. Gray. With this strong team working together, crime doesn’t stand a chance.