Malvern, PA, August 01, 2019 Retailers have been grappling with the ongoing surge of criminals targeting car battery stock, and the losses are becoming substantial. In response to customer demand, 3SI Security Systems, a leader in GPS tracking and tracing technology, developed Bait Car Battery Tracker™ to help retailers stem these losses.

Designed to blend in with other car battery inventory, Bait Car Battery Tracker automatically triggers a silent alert upon motion. Once the crime has been confirmed, tracking data can be accessed by local law enforcement, allowing safe pursuit and apprehension.

“At 3SI we listen to our customers and we’re pleased to develop a solution that addresses this growing crime trend,” said Mary Pifer, VP of Global Product Management and Marketing for 3SI Security Systems. “GPS can be applied to a multitude of vessels so we knew that our solution was perfectly suited to address this specific type of Retail crime, and we were happy to deliver.”

Product’s Key Features:

• Automatically detects theft via motion
• Covert design
• Reliable performance ensured via twice-daily device health check with cellular connection
• Location updates to secure website every 6 seconds via GPS, cellular or WiFi
• Text and email notifications of activations and status
• Stores data if cellular signal is lost to preserve track data
• RF to pinpoint final device location
• Simple DIY charging

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