Top 15 3SI Crime Stories from 2017

See our top Crime Stopping stories of 2017 below. Besides recovering over $20 million in stolen cash and assets in 2017, our GPS Tracking Devices helped police apprehend over 2,000 criminals...many of whom were later implicated in other crimes. Stopping future crime is just one of the many benefits our Trackers offer.

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  1. ​ 28 Arrested in $3 Million Big-Box Store Heist During Hurricane Irma 
    During Hurricane Irma in Texas, more than two dozen people burglarized a big-box store making off with $3 million worth of cash and products ranging from electronics to sports equipment. Cash Tracker™ and Phone Tracker™ alerted police, but they couldn't respond during the storm because the roads were impassable and there were other pressing emergencies. However, days after the storm was over, police went back and reviewed the track information. The trackers led police to two residential locations. Officers hit the jackpot after raiding these homes, finding several million dollars worth of stolen cash and equipment. Police arrested at least 28 people in connection to this incident. Without the track data, it is highly unlikely any of the criminals would have been caught or stolen merchandise recovered.
  2. $324,000 - Jewelry Tracker™ - Roseville, CA - May 22
    Five heavily disguised suspects charged into an upscale jewelry store, smashed the watch cases with baseball bats and ran off with 30 high-end watches. Jewelry Tracker immediately alerted police who tracked the suspects as they fled onto the freeway and eventually became stationary at a suspect's house. Police apprehended the robbers and recovered all of the watches. The Detective Sergeant said, "Without the tracker, this case wouldn't have been solved, and the suspects who were so heavily disguised would never have been identified." The suspects are believed to be responsible for several other robberies and tied to a couple of homicides in the Bay area. 
  3. $220,000 Cash Tracker™ - Parkdale, AR - Jan 10
    Three males entered a bank armed with handguns. They demanded money and threatened to shoot the tellers if they were given Dye Packs or trackers. Cash Tracker alerted police who immediately began tracking. Bank personnel were found locked in the back room of the bank and the three suspects were apprehended hiding in the woods behind the building. A full recovery was made. The suspects had loaded firearms in their possession and are suspects in several other bank and store robberies in and around Arkansas.
  4. $200,000 - Jewelry Tracker™ - Portland, OR - Aug 29
    Four suspects robbed a jewelry store of high-end watches and fled. Using GPS, police tracked the suspects. Three suspects were apprehended and ten of the watches were recovered. 
  5. $150,000 - Phone Tracker™ - Macon, GA - Mar 3
    Four suspects burglarized a phone store after hours. Phone Tracker alerted police who tracked the suspects through multiple jurisdictions. When the suspects became stationary, police moved in. All of the inventory was recovered by police in two vehicles abandoned by the suspects.
  6. $150,000 - Phone Tracker™ - Taos, NM - Aug 20
    Three suspects burglarized a wireless store in the early morning hours. Police were automatically alerted and began tracking. When the suspects stopped on the side of the road, police moved in. One suspect was apprehended and the merchandise was recovered inside the vehicle. Also found was merchandise from two earlier burglaries at other stores. The two other suspects have been identified.
  7. $150,000 - Phone Tracker™ - Deer Park, IL - Oct 11
    Three suspects robbed a wireless store and fled by vehicle. Phone Tracker alerted police who tracked the suspects. When police moved in, the suspects fled on foot. All the merchandise was recovered and the three suspects were taken into custody.
  8. $130,000 - Phone Tracker™ - Cupertino, CA - Jul 17
    Two suspects robbed a wireless store of 189 Devices. A Phone Tracker was included and silently alerted police who began tracking. When the suspects became stationary, police moved in to recover all of the stolen merchandise and take the two suspects into custody.
  9. $101,744 - Jewelry Tracker™ - Tuscon, AZ - Aug 5
    Four masked suspects entered a pawn shop with sledgehammers and pepper spray. They sprayed the customers and employees before smashing the glass cases containing jewelry and handguns. The jewelry and guns were stuffed into a backpack and the suspects fled the store to a waiting vehicle driven by a fifth suspect. Jewelry Tracker alerted and police tracked. When police got close, the suspects abandoned the vehicle and fled in different directions on foot. Officers searched the area and apprehended all of the suspects. A full recovery was made. The suspects are responsible for at least two additional pawn shop robberies involving handguns and jewelry. This extremely dangerous crew is now off the streets thanks to Jewelry Tracker.
  10. $100,356 - Phone Tracker™ -  Lakeland, FL - Aug 27
    Two suspects robbed a wireless store and fled with $94,856 in merchandise and $5,500 in cash. Phone Tracker automatically alerted police who tracked and apprehended both suspects.  A full recovery was made
  11. $100,000 - Jewelry Tracker™ - Phoenix, AZ - Jun 12
    Four suspects robbed a pawn shop of jewelry and fled. Police were automatically notified when Jewelry Tracker started moving away from the store. When the suspects became stationary, police moved in. All of the jewelry was recovered and the four suspects are in custody.
  12. $100,000 - Phone Tracker™ - Delray Beach, FL - Jun 6
    Two employees at a wireless store were closing up for the night when an armed, masked man approached and forced the employees back into the store. A second masked man joined and forced the employees to unlock the safe. They were then handcuffed and forced to the ground. Police were alerted by Phone Tracker and tracked the suspects through multiple jurisdictions until they became stationary. When police arrived and approached the suspects’ car, the doors flew open and two males and one female fled on foot. Two suspects were taken into custody, both firearms were recovered, and 125 smartphones were found in the car. The defendants are gang members from Dade County and are suspects in other wireless store robberies. 
  13. $80,000 - Phone Tracker™ - Rockford, IL - Jan 6
    Two armed suspects entered a high-end computer store and held up employees at gunpoint. The suspects took merchandise and the employee's personal belongings and cell phones. Phone Tracker alerted police who tracked. All of the merchandise was recovered and the armed suspects were apprehended.
  14. $80,000 Recovered - Phone Tracker™ Waxhaw, NC - Feb 10
    Four suspects robbed a wireless store. Phone Tracker alerted police who tracked and apprehended one of the suspects and recovered all of the stolen merchandise. The suspect has outstanding warrants in two states and is wanted by the US Army for treason. He has given police the names of his accomplices.
  15. $80,000 - ATM Tracker™ - Hialeah, FL - Aug 22
    Two suspects ripped an ATM out of the ground with a front end loader and transported it to a warehouse. Police were automatically alerted and tracked with GPS. When they arrived at the warehouse, they witnessed two suspects flee on foot down an alley. The ATM was recovered with all of the money.

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