“Scream” Bandit Sentenced to 1,200 years!

Denver Post

One of the three "Scream" masked bandits who robbed a Lakewood bank at gunpoint during a violent crime spree was sented Friday to 1,200 years in prison.

Myloh Mason, convicted of 38 criminal counts, also was convicted of being a habitual criminal. That designation tripled his sentence, according to the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office. "It's the most I've ever seen," said Pam Russell, a longtime spokeswoman with the DA's office.

Because most of the charges were crimes of violence, the sentences will run consecutively, Russell said.

The original crime occurred on November 18, 2015. The armed trio robbed a bank, threatening employees and locking them in the bank's vault before fleeing with $50K in cash. During their escape, the robbers ditched a stolen car and switched to a rental car as part of their planned getaway.

After crashing, they broke into a home and attempted to kidnap a 65-year old man at gunpoint. The man tried to elude them by running down his driveway and was shot in the leg.

The victim fell to the ground, got up and was shot three more times. The bank robbers then stole his minivan and fled. The man collapsed on a neighbor's front porch and was rushed to a hospital. He survived.

Mason was on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitive's list before he was captured.

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