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Highlights from 2017. pdf

Tractor Trailer Theft
The town of Hiram, Georgia, was experiencing many trailer thefts. To help combat these crimes, the Police Department purchased 3SI’s Slap-N-Track™ (SNT) Tracker. They installed the SNT on the baited commercial trailer and set up an electronic dragnet to capture the thieves.

Shortly after being installed, the PD was notified that the baited trailer had been stolen. They tracked the stolen trailer to a residential address where it was being hidden in a mass of trees. They immediately made two arrests and quickly discovered another stolen trailer that belonged to the US Postal Service. Impressed with how well SNT Tracker worked, the PD re-baited the trailer, took it to a different location and set up their dragnet once again.

Within a short time, the trailer was stolen again, this time by an individual who drove the trailer to another county. Police tracked it to a residential address where they made an arrest. Additionally, they found another stolen trailer with the VIN removed at his residence. A neighbor spoke to police and notified them that this criminal had been seen numerous times bringing various trailers to his residence. 

Hiram Police Department’s Chief of Police was so impressed with SNT Tracker, he stated “This was the best investment we ever made.”

YETI Cooler Theft
Residents of a town on the coast in Aransas Pass, Texas, were plagued by thefts of expensive YETI Coolers. Police deployed ESO in a YETI cooler and placed it on the back of a boat tied to the pier. In one weekend, the agency made six separate apprehensions for theft of the YETI cooler. The cooler was redeployed after each apprehension waiting on the next criminal to steal it.

Bicycle Theft
Boulder Police Department wanted to put a dent in the rampant number of bicycle thefts. They installed ESO on a bait bike. Not long after, they received an alert that the bait bike was on the move. After determining that the bike was traveling inside of a green Ford Explorer, the PD attempted a traffic stop but the vehicle immediately eluded them. After tracking the vehicle through multiple jurisdictions, the driver finally abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. Police apprehended the suspect hiding in the bushes.

The suspect is a known auto and bike thief. Police found a second bike, tools, suitcases and other possible stolen property in the vehicle.

A university in College Station, Texas, was experiencing bike theft on campus. Upon receiving the ESO devices, the police department deployed one of the devices in a bait bike on the university’s campus. In under two hours, they made two criminal apprehensions.

A major technology company in California was experiencing bike thefts at many of their building locations. Local police deployed ESO. Within nine months, four suspects have been captured.

The University of Redlands in Redlands, California, was plagued by bike theft. Officers baited a bike with ESO and placed it on campus. The bike was found abandoned near the football field next to a second stolen bike. Officers then stopped a subject in the area riding a different stolen bike. This suspect also had Smartwater CSI paste on his hands. Linking the suspect to the thefts, officers located a fourth abandoned bike with a backpack containing bolt cutters that also had Smartwater on them. Police recovered a total of four stolen bikes. The suspect was arrested for petty theft and warrants.

Gas Station Robbery & Murder - Full Story
A 2014-2015 crime wave was brought to an end when Nassau County PD utilized ESO. Joshua Golson-Orelus’ crime wave began in the later part of 2014 and early 2015; he eventually robbed 10 gas stations at gunpoint with increasing violence at each event. In January of 2015, he shot and killed gas station attendant Hany Awad for not complying with his demands fast enough during a robbery. 

The Nassau County PD deployed ESO devices in various gas stations and in June of 2015, Golson-Orelus robbed his last gas station when he stole cash and the ESO device. Police tracked him and made the arrest. Earlier in 2017, he was sentenced to 55 years to life in state prison. 

Lawn Maintenance Equipment Theft
In Redlands, California, lawn maintenance equipment was being stolen from gardeners’ vehicles at a local home improvement store parking lot. In an effort to combat this crime wave, police deployed a truck with a baited weed eater that was equipped with an ESO device in the parking lot. Over a two month period, police arrested eleven subjects.