What People Are Saying About 3SI!

  Aaron Hancart, Director of Asset Protection, The Cellular Connection

“The ROI is abundantly clear, especially in our industry where you can have tens of thousands of dollars of merchandise taken in a single crime. All it takes is one successful recovery and it pays for itself.Case Study


 Gabe Martin, Director of Asset Protection, Custom Communications

“Phone Tracker has been a great product. Customer Service has been exceptional. Anytime I’ve ever had any questions, concerns, or issues that need to be addressed, 3SI has always been very responsive. You have been proactive on your end as far as reporting any low batteries or any issues with any device, so that’s always been appreciated!” Case Study


 Eric Diaz, CEO, Sprint Store by Wireless Connections

"The customer support I received from 3SI has been outstanding. The tracking website application gives me quick and easy access to view all our installed devices and quickly confirm their status...I am confident that our stores, our employees, our customers and our inventory are protected. As a CEO, that is very important to me."  Testimonial Letter


 Andiamo Frelix, Director of Loss Prevention, Go Wireless

"I was skeptical at first, not knowing the full potential of the unit. But now, I call Phone Tracker the 'Magic Box'." Case Study


 Security Director, French Shipping Company

"As you are aware, the robber of our office in July was apprehended thanks to your GPS Tracking Device. We are all very pleased with this success. The Tracking Device worked perfectly."


 Troy Rasmussen, AVP Operational Security, Mountain America Credit Union

"3SI delivers unparalleled service through innovation and state-of-the-art technology, without sacrificing quality for convenience. They take the time to understand the challenges and opportunities of their clients and provide innovative, customized asset protection solutions."  Testimonial Letter


 Task Force Officer, Cleveland FBI

“We had a very successful 3SI GPS track. Subject put a gun to teller’s head and took her to the vault where he took 55k and a GPS tracker. Local police tracked them to their garage where they were splitting up the money when police arrived. Just wanted to make sure you were aware. These victims in the bank were really traumatized. Awesome device." 


  Detective Sergeant William Perna, Bellmawr Police Department

"The suspect's identification and apprehension would have been difficult, if not impossible, without the help and assistance of 3SI, the ESP Cash Tracker and the Hand Held Tracking Unit. These tools turned the potential of hours and days of an investigation into a suspect arrest and cash recovery within minutes... It couldn't have worked any better.”


  Sean Sportun, Manager, Security & Loss Prevention, ICPS Mac's Convenience Stores

“When it comes to preventing crime and protecting our employees, sometimes you need to evaluate your current practices and think outside the box – make a shift in your paradigm to achieve your goal. Technology is evolving and security professionals need to leverage this to their advantage. GPS tracking, specifically the Tobacco Tracker, is an excellent example of how technology is assisting in asset recovery, offender apprehension and over the long term the prevention of incidents at Mac’s Convenience Stores.”


  Maureen Rush, V.P. of Public Safety, University of Pennsylvania

"We hide the technology on the bike and then lock it to a pole or railing on campus...when the thief cuts the lock and begins to move the bike, our dispatchers receive an alert and bring the location up on camera...we can then give out a description of the suspect to officers and catch the thief within minutes. After catching three thieves, we recovered our start-up costs, for a quick ROI."


  Detective Dan Spencler, Major Crimes Unit, Winnipeg Police Service

"Mr. Abraham, we've had some great work with you guys...makes my job a lot easier in the interview room when I have a map of exactly where they went."  


  Anthony Foy, Detective, City of Salisbury Police Department

"If it wasn’t for your device, this bank robbery would have never been solved. Thank you very much. I just want to stress how amazing these devices are and how it is the sole reason these people are in jail."


  Scott Aronstein, President, Sprint by Connectivity Source

"Since purchasing your Phone Trackers in 2013 for use in our retail stores, we have had multiple robberies. Without Phone Trackers and your 24/7 support, we would have experienced losses totaling over $200,000. Thank you Phone Tracker™ and 3SI for recovering our merchandise, putting the bad guys behind bars and for making us feel a little safer. Phone Tracker is well worth the investment."  Testimonial Letter


   Kevin Bass, Loss Prevention Specialist, CST Brands, Inc

"In November 2015, one of our locations in South Houston experienced a robbery where an employee and customer were kidnapped by the escaping criminal. If it weren’t for Cash Tracker, the outcome of the robbery and kidnapping could have been tragic. Houston PD was able to apprehend the suspect and rescue the employee and customer unharmed. After this success, we ordered and installed 25 more units in December of 2015."

"So far, since working with 3SI, we have helped HPD apprehend 62 suspects that were directly involved in robberies in our locations. Our year-to-date robbery numbers for the Houston area have shown a 58% decrease over last year. Needless to say, we are happy with the performance and results we’ve realized from the 3SI Cash Trackers."  Testimonial Letter


  Travis Martinez, Special Ops & Investigations Lieutenant, Redlands Police Dept.  

"We have deployed the ESO tracking device to address several crime trends in the community and have made arrests for such crimes as robbery, commercial burglary, pharmacy burglary and theft of tires, bikes, laptops, metal and wire, fire hydrants, cemetery, vending machines, mail, cigarettes and packages. The devices have even been used to arrest credit card skimming suspects and people stealing third-row seats from SUVs. We have successfully used the devices to track vehicles under a court order and to voluntarily track informants that have led us to murder and robbery suspects.“

"We often ask ourselves why we didn’t start using Electronic Stake Out GPS Tracking sooner.”