2019 Year-to-Date Stats: 833 Arrests & $6.2M Recovered!

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Each month, 3SI shares highlights of crimes solved with the help of police and our Tracking Technology. Together with our customers, we are breaking the crime cycle and creating a #SaferWorld.

$3,100 Recovered  / 1 arrest
Tobacco Tracker™ – Miami Gardens, FL – September 2
Four suspects broke into a convenience store and stole cartons of cigarettes, cigars, and a Tobacco Tracker. As the device tracked away from the store, law enforcement was alerted and quickly tracked the suspects. The suspects were arrested and identified as suspects in several prior events in the area. A full recovery was made.

$4,542 Recovered / 3 arrests
Asset Tracker™ – Vallejo, CA – September 3
Three suspects robbed a beauty supply store of fragrances and two Asset Trackers. Law enforcement was tracking as they crossed jurisdictions. All three suspects were arrested and all the merchandise was recovered.

$65,000 Recovered / 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Houston, TX – September 5
One suspect entered a pawn shop and robbed it of money and two Cash Trackers. The responding agency was logged in and tracking immediately. In only nine minutes, police had apprehended the suspect and made a full recovery.

$30,000 Recovered / 3 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Parma, OH – September 8
Three suspects robbed an electronics store of cell phones and a Phone Tracker. 3SI assisted local law enforcement with tracking until the device became stationary across the city line. The three suspects were arrested and all the stolen merchandise was recovered.

$5,000 Recovered / 1 arrest
Cash Tracker™ – Cleveland, OH – September 10
One suspect entered a bank and handed a note demanding money. The teller handed him money along with a Cash Tracker. As the suspect fled on foot, the responding agency was tracking as he made his way to a nearby residence. The suspect was apprehended at this location and money was recovered. This suspect is also believed to be involved in several other area bank robberies.

$35,680 Recovered / 4 arrests
Asset Tracker™ – Roseville, CA – September 14
Four suspects entered a high-end retail store and stole numerous expensive purses and an Asset Tracker. The police were instantly tracking the device and the suspects as they left the store. After a pursuit, the police arrested the four suspects and made a full recovery.

$32,000 Recovered / 2 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Arleta, CA – September 18
Two suspects committed a burglary at an electronics store in the early morning hours and stole cell phones, money, and a Phone Tracker. Law enforcement was tracking as they fled on foot and apprehended them ten minutes later as they were entering a car in a nearby parking lot. A full recovery was made.

$80,000 Recovered / 2 arrests
ATM Tracker™ – Plano, TX – September 19
Five suspects attempted to steal an ATM from a bank in the middle of the night. This ATM was equipped with an ATM Tracker so law enforcement was able to respond before the suspects could leave with the machine. Two out of the five suspects were arrested on site and a full recovery was made.

$83,000 Recovered / 2 arrests
Phone Tracker™ – Pasadena, TX – September 20
Four suspects burglarized an electronics store and stole several electronic devices including a Phone Tracker. Local law enforcement was logged in and tracking. Once the device became stationary, law enforcement was able to apprehend two of the suspects and recover all the stolen merchandise.

Other September Successes

Date Business Type City/State Arrests $ Recovered Device Type
9/1 Big Box Store Mesquite, TX 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
9/2  Convenience store Baltimore, MD 2 $500 Cash Tracker™
9/3 Bank Freeport, FL 1 $3,515 Cash Tracker™
9/3 Bank Toronto, ON 1 $490 Cash Tracker™
9/4 Electronics Store Tavares, FL 1 $18,000  Phone Tracker™
9/4 Bank Lanham, MD 2 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
9/4 Convenience store Winnipeg, MB 1 Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker™
9/6 Bank Birmingham, AL 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
9/6 Beauty Supply Store Stockton, CA 3 $1,000 Asset Tracker™
9/6 Bank Toronto, ON 1 $660 Cash Tracker™
9/9 Bank Philadelphia, PA 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
9/10 Bank Chelsea, MA 1 $3,761 Cash Tracker™
9/10 Bank Baltimore, MD 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
9/10 Big Box Store Toledo, OH 3 $30,000  Phone Tracker™
9/11  Electronics Store Houston, TX 1 $30,000  Phone Tracker™
9/11  Electronics Store Chino, CA 0 $30,000  Phone Tracker™
9/11 High End Retailer Kitchener, ON 2 $2,000 Asset Tracker™
9/11 Beauty Supply Store Chicago, IL 0 $2,000 Asset Tracker™
9/11 Bank Holbrook, NY 1 $1,973 Cash Tracker™
9/12 Beauty Supply Store Chicago, IL 2 $4,000 Asset Tracker™
9/12 High End Retailer Glendale, CA 1 $2,470 Asset Tracker™
9/13 Utility Company Hillsborough, NC 1 $6,000 Cell Tower Battery Tracker™
9/13 Bank Calgary, AB 1 $3,912 Cash Tracker™
9/14  Electronics Store Katy, TX 2 $30,000  Phone Tracker™
9/14 Pharmacy Cleveland, OH 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
9/14  Convenience store Fort Worth, OH 1 Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker™
9/16 Bank Milwaukee, WI 1 $1,528 Cash Tracker™
9/16 Dollar Store Chicago, IL 0 $500 Cash Tracker™
9/18 Bank Cincinnati, OH 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
9/18 Big Box Store Mansfield, OH 3 $30,000  Phone Tracker™
9/19 Bank North Chesterfield, VA 2 $17,701 Cash Tracker™
9/19  Electronics Store Stockton, CA 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
9/20 Big Box Store Troy, AL 3 $30,000  Phone Tracker™
9/20 Bank Milwaukee, WI 1 $5,080 Cash Tracker™
9/20 Bank San Diego, CA 1 $560 Cash Tracker™
9/21  Electronics Store Dallas, TX 3 $10,391 Phone Tracker™
9/22  Electronics Store Los Angeles, CA 1 $994 Cash Tracker™
9/23 Convenience store Saskatoon, SK 2 Full Recovery Tobacco Tracker™
9/29 Convenience store Louisville, KY 1 $500 Cash Tracker™
9/30 Bank San Antonio, TX 1 Full Recovery Cash Tracker™
9/30 Bank Mantua, NJ 1 $1,345 Cash Tracker™
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