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Thieves are increasingly targeting high-end electronics stores and phone stores. With the rising value of these products, these types of robberies are lucrative and thieves are outsmarting traditional security measures. Our latest Phone Tracker combines latest packaging with 4XG technology to help law enforcement track and capture the criminals, recover the stolen goods and deter future crime.

3SI’s 4XG devices expand on our highly successful NextGen3 platform. Over 100,000 NextGen3 trackers are deployed worldwide to protect customers in Financial and Retail locations. The new 4XG devices include all the features of NextGen3, incorporate 4G/LTE technology and use GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) as well as WiFi for superior location accuracy.

Phone Tracker offers the following key benefits to users:
• Covert design making it virtually invisible to criminals
Automatically detects a theft via motion or tilt
• Upon activation, device automatically alerts designated security contact and police
• Tracking location is updated every 6 seconds to provide super-detailed track data
GNSS/GPS, Cellular and WiFi tracking options provide precise location reporting
Reliable performance is ensured by bi-monthly Device health check with cellular connection
Inductive charging is simple and user-friendly

3SI is the only tracking company partnered with over 7,000 law enforcement agencies…the key benefit of this partnership is that our devices report the crime directly to dispatchers who communicate location data directly to responding officers. Criminals are tracked and typically apprehended in less than 20 minutes. The quick response and apprehension minimizes danger to innocent bystanders and increases the likelihood of preserving evidence.

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